All show listings for Denison’s tour dates with Rosie Thomas have been posted. There are a few updates since the original posting, so be sure to check that out.
Also, Reels of White Softly Flow will be playing at the Fire in Philadelpha on Wednesday 26 June. This is where the live LP was recorded in December and will hopefully be available at the show. Some other dates should be available soon, possibly in Lancaster on 27 June and in the midwest sometime the first week in July.

Greetings from sunny Puerto Rico. I’m here for work, slaving for the Man. Denison Witmer has started his tour with Rosie Thomas (Sub Pop), so hopefully all of you West Coasters are getting your Witmer fix. Check the tour dates to see where he will be and go see the shows.
Several new releases are being manufactured now, including the vinyl for Denison’s Philadelphia Songs, the Circle of Birds cdep/10″ that has some incredible artwork from artist Jamie Hunt, Denison’s River Bends re-issue in an amazing digipak, Reels of White Softly Flow Live LP, and a live buy klonopin pills Denison Witmer album that will be available only at live shows. I am hoping to have these available the last week in June. The vinyl for Philadelphia Songs will be available about 2 months before the cd version and is planned, at this point, to have an additional song included. It will be available as a special gatefold version with white vinyl.
AM/FM are also recording their one-sided LP at the moment. They are hoping to have rough mixes ready in the next few days and the artwork is underway. Very exciting.

Dates for Denison’s tour from the West Coast to the Midwest and back are mostly up. There are some dates that are still waiting confirmation and these will be added later. All you fine west coasters will have the privilege of seeing him play and he’ll be going with the amazing Rosie Thomas (SubPop).
Circle of Birds has been mixed. All of these months of promises and it’s finally happened. Johnathon and Dave Bazan did it up yesterday. The magical ep will be mastered Friday and then sent off for manufacturing.
I am going to Puerto Rico for my day job on Sunday. I’ll be there for two weeks, so there will be a slight delay in mail order. But when I return, I’ll have a few new btv titles ready for pre-order from the btv store. It will be good in the end, you’ll see.

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