Denison is on tour on the West Coast with Rosie Thomas. Make sure you go see the shows in your area.

I added several new releases to the catalog, including the btv autumn releases that will be available starting in July from the on-line catalog.

We’re participating in the TNI Books online tour for Little Engines #3. You can get any of the TNI Books in print from the btv online store. We’ll have some sort of deal to get Little Engines #3 at a discount with orders once it is released.

Hello! TNI Books ( has occupied this website for a brief period of time. It will be over before you know it, and odds are good that if you’ve come here in search of something interesting, you won’t go away disappointed.
Welcome to the
LITTLE ENGINES Issue Three Electronic Reading Tour!

Burnt Toast Vinyl (along with 30+ other website operators) has volunteered to donate an e-venue for an electronic reading tour. This exercise is designed to introduce readers to a magazine called LITTLE ENGINES. Should you already know about LITTLE ENGINES, do not fear! You’re allowed to enjoy the coming events as well.

LITTLE ENGINES is a magazine built like a book, with 128 pages bound between a beautiful full-color cover, designed and produced with careful grace. The contents of the new issue of LITTLE ENGINES include: one excerpt from a new book by a rogue rock and roll critic, ten panels of Olav Kahovec and his 4-D mentality, one clever comic strip, seven shortish pieces of fiction, one interview with and story about a band whose lead man sometimes pours red wine over his own head, and five letters to a grade school teacher from anonymous students.

For the remaining four working days of this week, material from the brand new issue of LITTLE ENGINES will appear on this website for your reading pleasure. Should you have any questions about this tour or the magazine, please feel free to get in touch. Tomorrow, we’ll begin with a story from Paul Maliszewski. It’ll be a good time. Come back and see.

Obviously, this tour would not be possible without the help of all the website operators kind enough to lend a helping hand. For a complete list of all the fantastic participants in this tour, go here. You can find out all about TNI Books and buy a copy of LITTLE ENGINES or any of our other titles here.

Thanks for reading. We’ll see you tomorrow,

Adam Voith & TNI Books

DISCLOSURE: We stole (with permission) the idea of an electronic tour from SoNewMedia, who came up with and executed the concept brilliantly for a book they recently published. SoNewMedia, like TNI Books, is a tiny independent publisher who longs for new ways to tell you about their good wares. In the same manner that zines spread the love of great underground rock bands before television ruined music for everyone, so too might weblogs, livejournals and small company websites tell the world of a seething group of souls selling great new writing in the form of books and magazines in online stores and limited bookshops around this great nation. Hurry up! Find us! Before Barnes and Noble ruins it for everyone!

All show listings for Denison’s tour dates with Rosie Thomas have been posted. There are a few updates since the original posting, so be sure to check that out.
Also, Reels of White Softly Flow will be playing at the Fire in Philadelpha on Wednesday 26 June. This is where the live LP was recorded in December and will hopefully be available at the show. Some other dates should be available soon, possibly in Lancaster on 27 June and in the midwest sometime the first week in July.

Greetings from sunny Puerto Rico. I’m here for work, slaving for the Man. Denison Witmer has started his tour with Rosie Thomas (Sub Pop), so hopefully all of you West Coasters are getting your Witmer fix. Check the tour dates to see where he will be and go see the shows.
Several new releases are being manufactured now, including the vinyl for Denison’s Philadelphia Songs, the Circle of Birds cdep/10″ that has some incredible artwork from artist Jamie Hunt, Denison’s River Bends re-issue in an amazing digipak, Reels of White Softly Flow Live LP, and a live buy klonopin pills Denison Witmer album that will be available only at live shows. I am hoping to have these available the last week in June. The vinyl for Philadelphia Songs will be available about 2 months before the cd version and is planned, at this point, to have an additional song included. It will be available as a special gatefold version with white vinyl.
AM/FM are also recording their one-sided LP at the moment. They are hoping to have rough mixes ready in the next few days and the artwork is underway. Very exciting.

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