Unfortunately, the Dodgers lost to the Phils yesterday when relief pitcher Giovanni Carrara hit two batters with bases loaded to give the Phils the 2 run commanding lead. It was a good trip to the stadium and we managed to find seats with a good view. Nothing like a good afternoon baseball game during the week.
For our European friends, there should be some upcoming treats. Unwed Sailor will be touring Europe in October, as well as recording material there for their forthcoming one-sided LP. Ester Drang’s Goldenwest will be released by Swiss label Gentlemen Records in the fall, as well. There are also discussions underway for a new Circle of Birds ep with a European supporting cast. I’ll let you know how that progresses.
The release of the White Trash Inc. (Orchestra) 7″ on Norway’s Milk & Honey records is now available in Europe. I’ll have copies available soon from the on-line store, along with their release of a Soul-Junk 7″.

Lots of new records in the online store, including new records from Seldom, Kind of Like Spitting, Flaming Lips (vinyl), The Prom, and Saxon Shore, so be sure to check them out.
I was at the Furnace Festival in Birmingham, AL for the past few days, hanging out with lots of good friends. Andrew WK headlined Saturday night show and was just really incredible. His metal party music would lead you to believe that the show would be complete cheese, but it was a great performance, completely fun and entertaining. At one point, there were about 100 people on stage carrying WK around while he was singing. It was completely out of control. He stayed buy accutane online after the show for about an hour talking to people, signing autographs, this is what a rock star should be like. There were plenty of hardcore bands, which was a little out of my interest, but it was great to see friends mewithoutYou, Roadside Monument, and Pedro the Lion play, as well as the complete insanity known as the Dillinger Escape Plan.
I am off to see the Dodgers and Phillies play. This is one of those series where I root against the hometown team. Hopefully there won’t be any altercations. Especially since Johnathon isn’t there to jump into the fray.

I spent last night putting UPC codes onto the retail releases of Denison Witmer : River Bends and Circle of Birds : s/t. These will be appearing in stores on 10 September, so get ready.
The press/radio campaign for Denison’s Philadelphia Songs will be getting underway in mid-August, so there’s some work to make sure that the word is getting out. Fanatic and For Play will be handling radio and Fanatic will be handling the press/publicity. The cds are being printed at the moment and should be back from the factory soon, in time for Denison’s Philadelphia and Lancaster cd release shows.
Sunday, I saw Saxon Shore play at the Fire for a matinee show. We ended up hanging out most of the night and they stayed at my house. They’re on tour for the next few days. Their instrumental album, Be a Bright Blue, will be available from the on-line store shortly, along with the cd version of Soul Junk’s 1957, and cdeps from Hot Hot Heat and The Shins that I just got in.
Saturday, I had dinner with my good, and recently married, friends Nathan and Norma and some of our other friends from their wedding. Afterwards, Nathan and Norma joined me at the Fire to see The Trouble with Sweeney and The Celestial Isles. I was excited to see The Trouble with their new drummer and keyboardist. Unfortunately, some drunken Philadelphia rock stars decided to make the end of the show an opportunity to enact revenge on Joey’s less than stellar reviews of their latest major label record. I pretty much lose all respect for bands that decide to challenge opinions from rock critics and Marah is no exception.
Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspections Bureau is making it increasingly difficult for all ages shows to happen in the city. They recently shut down shows at the Unitarian Church and at the Rotunda that R5 productions was putting on. R5 has consistently supported the best music in the indie scene in Philadelphia and are worthy of our support.

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