Mooncake : Zaris released today!

We would like to introduce you to our latest release from Moscow’s Mooncake. Zaris is their second full-length and is available now in the US from btv on cd and from Crime & Punishment Packaged Goods on cassette (with a digital download code). It is available in retail stores today!

Mooncake is one of the leading bands of the Russian instrumental music scene and have been active since their founding in early 2006. While fitting in with the body of contemporary post-rock instrumental bands, Zaris stands out with its powerful orchestral sound. The guitar, bass, and drums core are supported by massive string movements, brass arrangements, lush sounding grand piano, vibraphone, and haunting vocal intonations. Mooncake’s music is defined by intricate but catchy melodies shadowed by atmospheric effects with a moodiness reaching from a somber melancholy to soar in majestic grandeur.

Zaris is the second full length album by Moscow-based Mooncake and was released five years later after their first long play. Mooncake spent almost three years working on Zaris. The work started in Moscow in 2011 where the drums parts were recorded in a large concert hall to give an expansive sound. Most of the recording was done in Riga, Latvia at Sound Division Studios, the biggest recording studio in the Batlics, with sound engeneer Gatis Zakis. The string parts and grand piano performances were recorded in a reverb friendly vast Lutheran church sanctuary in Riga that dates to the 18th century.

Here is the video for the track “Life Aquatic”

We hope that you like this latest release and are happy to make it available to you!


Mike Adams At His Honest Weight “Weather On” Video

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight’s Preparation Age is out today on btv via Sounds Familyre. Here’s a video for the track “Weather On”:

Pick up the one-sided LP at a record store near you! You can also order through our online store which will ship out on December 14th.

Online Store Update

We’ll be away from home for a bit, so any orders to the online store from Monday, 30 November (after noon EST) through 13 December will ship out on Monday, 14 December.
For those anxious to purchase the wonderful Mike Adams At His Honest Weight : Preparation Age, this will be available through your local record stores this Friday and might be a little bit faster unless you order right away!