There’s snow on the ground here, about 6″ that fell Friday and Saturday. In the midst of some of the snowstorm, I was fostering my friendster addiction.
Some big news…btv will be releasing the vinyl version of Sufjan Stevens’ new album “Seven Swans.” The release date for both the cd (on Sounds Familyre) and LP will be March 2004 and both will be distributed to stores by the fine folks at Secretly Canadian Distribution. Sufjan is finishing up the layout this morning. If you haven’t heard Sufjan’s album “Michigan,” you need to entertain thoughts of purchasing it. You can buy it from Asthmatic Kitty, Sounds Familyre, the btv online store, or your favorite local record shop.
Ben from Kind of Like Spitting e-mailed and there are still plans for this one-sided LP to be released. More details when they’re ready. Artwork and audio is ready now for Aspera, Starflyer 59, and Ester Drang. Yume Bitsu is still simmering away, too. It will be a big time for one-sided LPs in the early ’04. One-sided LPs from Damien Jurado, The Six Parts Seven, and Early Day Miners are available now and are amazing.
Damien and Eric Fisher are still planning to record the debut release from Texas’ Bosque Brown. More details when discussions progress.

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