Lots of new distributed titles added to the on-line store. Be sure to visit. The new Low album ships out next week, so be sure to order and get yours as soon as you can.
Dates for The Trouble with Sweeney and Denison Witmer have also been updated. A few shows have been added, a couple of venues have changed, and at least one date shifted for a show with the Sweeneys. Make sure you see them both this autumn.
The post office is being kind to me this week. The 4 songs for Ester Drang’s one-sided LP arrived today. This will definitely be out by year’s end if we can get the artwork complete. The band has been working hard. Also, I received Lost Joy by Camden Joy from TNI Books. It will be added to the on-line store shortly and is apparently a collection of short stories, many music related. If his Little Engines contributions have been a good sign of what is in this book, then it should make for a solid read.
Under peer pressure, I gave in and pre-ordered David Eggers’ next book. It’s being sold exclusively on-line and through select independent booksellers to raise money for a San Francisco-based tutoring charity. It should be arriving sometime soon.

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