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Denison Witmer is now opening for The Church next Tuesday, 23 April, at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. Awesome! Hope to see you there.
I am choking in indie rock fantasy baseball, down to 6th place, bringing shame to the btv name. Some interesting news about David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar making friends again. And I thought stuff like that only happened on VH1 these days.
Soul Junk 1957 LPs are now available on-line. Don’t forget the new Pedro the Lion Control specials. The first few orders will get a free poster. hey hey. Some new releases have also been added to the on-line store, including a Jade Tree compilation with unreleased tracks from Jets to Brazil, Pedro, and others.

Boston was an enjoyable place to go, plenty of wandering and eating and drinking and record shopping, etc ,visits to Back Bay, Harvard Square, and the historical spots. Props to Newbury Comics on Newbury Street for having several btv releases in stock. I do wonder why the T trolleys say they only accept coins and no dollar bills? This is the great mystery.
Denison Witmer was nominated for the Philadelphia City Paper Music Awards in the Best Folk Performer/Group category. Denison and I will be at the Trocadero Theatre on Thursday for the awards ceremony.
Denison and the Six Parts Seven have added almost all of the tracks for Philadelphia Songs. There are some small additions and vocals to be added which will happen in the first week of may. Incidentally, Edan Cohen, who has recorded many of the extra parts and will man the healm during mixing is one of the City Paper Music Awards nominees for Best Producer, as is Brian McTear who recorded The Trouble with Sweeney’s Dear Life full-length.
Denison is playing two shows in Virginia, one tonight and one tomorrow. Hope you catch him.

I’m in a fantasy baseball league organized by Mike from basement-life representing Burnt Toast Vinyl (inherently good) against other indie rock labels/bands (all inherently evil). I was in first place before yesterday’s games, until the Mendoza Line out statted me to move into first. Who can blame them, their prowess is most certainly due to their obscurely baseball related band name? And their latest record being so hot, of course?
By the way, basement life records is releasing an ep from The Trouble with Sweeney on 23 April. We’ll have these available on-line. There’s a cover of one of my favorite Simon & Garfunkel songs, “Only Living Boy in NY” as well as the new crowd favorite “Karen” and an avante-garde instrumental with spoken French lyrics. C’est bon, n’est-ce pas?
Dario Argento’s Suspiria is a highly recommended thriller/slasher flick. Very intense, owing much to the Goblin soundtrack (in case you were wondering about that).
Off to Boston later this afternoon. The Six Parts Seven are arriving sometime today from Ohio to rock hard, or try hard at rocking soft, on Denison’s record. For sure “Philadelpiha Songs” will feature added lap steel, possibly some of Brad’s lyrics about a unicorn, one never knows. Send them my love if you see them wandering the streets of Philadelphia.
Tour dates for Pedro the Lion/Damien Jurado/T.W. Walsh are up. 6 May everyone will be in Philadelphia playing at the TLA. 5 May the show is in NYC at the Bowery Ballroom. As far as connecions to the label, Johnathon from Unwed Sailor is playing with both Pedro and Damien and Damien’s Four Songs is the first in the one-sided LP series that will eventually feature a T.W. Walsh one-sided LP. There is no valid excuse for missing a show on this tour.

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