Williams Shift “Tuning Into You (A Love Song From Voyager)”

Here is the last song to stream from Williams Shift’s We Were Wonderers. It’s a mid-tempo track called “Tuning Into You  (A Love Song From Voyager)” and features extensive lead vocals from Jill Purdy and supporting background vocals from Matthew Stone.

A central theme of We Were Wonderers involves the fate of one Ted Williams’ head post-mortem. As Williams was nearing death, his son John-Henry, arguably against his father’s true wishes, committed him to be cryonically frozen. His body was transported from Florida to Arizona and the Alcor Life Extension Foundation mistakenly severed Williams head from his body and cryonically froze it. It’s more common to freeze just the head, rather than the entire body combined. In Williams case, the remaining decapitated body was also frozen. In exploring the Ted Williams mythology and its ramifications on the cosmos, Williams Shift imagines a future where cronically frozen heads are stored on satellites orbiting the Earth in near absolute zero temperatures. “Tuning Into You  (A Love Song From Voyager)” furthers that idea and imagine two heads intertwining their thoughts and dreams, ultimately falling in love without bodies or hearts.The song also alludes to the distant Voyager satellite drifting across the galaxy, traveling farther and father away from its Earthly home and imagines it transmitting back to an Earth that has been long devoured by our sun going supernova.

For some background information about Ted Williams’ head, head here (uh, no pun intended).

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