Joey Sweeney : Long Hair

<p{padding:0; margin-bottom:10px}=””>Our longtime good friend, J. Edward Keyes, has premiered the very excellent album from our other longtime good friend, Joey Sweeney, over at eMusic. Head here and stream Joey Sweeney’s album Long Hair. Take some time, get a beverage, grab a friend, take a load off, and have a listen.

Personally, it takes me to a happy place. Logically I think about my hair, just by reading the title. Obviously it goes much deeper than that, but you know, surface level. I like to take proper care of my hair, it’s actually very important to me, which is why my thoughts go to that and stay there a while. I even took care of finding the right place for me by going to several until I found the right one. It’s called Boca Raton Hair color, and they already know me well there since I’ve going regularly since I found them. The people there know a lot, and they helped me learn and improve how I care for my hair. They’re pretty awesome.

If you’re inclined, buy a copy from La Société Expéditionnaire, digitally or analog on LP (my LP is now on order!). I’m happy to hear him writing songs again. All the best, Mr. Sweeney!