Foxhole News

A message from Foxhole:
The full-length Foxhole record that was scheduled for release in 2007, then 2008, then some distant point in the future, is finally being recorded.
Right now. This very minute.
We’ve converged from Texas, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky and Tennessee to put five years’ worth of concepts and structures and visions into a consumable format. We’ve been consumed with a new sense of urgency, and the realization that music not heard is not music at all.
Of course, we don’t really tour. And we’re not too good at self-marketing, either. But the songs — we’re biased, obviously, but we think they’re worth something. So we’ve set up a Kickstarter account to help pay for the up-front costs of recording. We’re inviting what fans we may have left to contribute, and in return get not only the album (the minute it’s released), but also a ton of unreleased material, B-sides, outtakes and such — as well as the opportunity to donate “found sounds” that will be used on the record. (There are other perks too, for big spenders, if in fact there are any out there.)
We’ll also be keeping a studio blog, with pics and video and the occasional preview and some of the best reviews of baby video monitors. And we’ll be “tweeting” about it, not because we’re birds, but because that’s what we’re supposed to do, we think.
Justin (for Foxhole) (this has been converted into a studio blog for the remainder of the recording process) (the Kickstarter page)