BTV020 Jetenderpaul : The Woolen Spires

“Woolen Spires” (btv020)
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Track listing:
1. It’s All Chicanery
2. The Channel’s Clear and Bright
3. I’ll Always Be the One in Need of Pallinode
4. The Road to Damascus
5. The Phenomenological Rhetoric of Summer Lingers On
6. Two Steps Back and One Below
7. The Sigh That You Aimed at Me
8. Reinventing Ought
9. The Intermission: A Prolegomena to Any FUture Remembrances and a Harbinger of Scurry
10. Much More Than Glimmering Eyes
11. Drowning My Faith
12. To Turn Around
13. The Song Admiral Dutchdoor Sang
14. Epson: The Anxious Bench
15. When Will We Dance in Golden Gowns?
16. Manward, Birdward
17. Our Epic Banality
While the bedroom provinces and “edge cities” of Middle America usually vacuum up any semblance of avant-garde grit, the Olathe, Kansas based band Jetenderpaul has been riddling the surface of their backwater with reckless creativity. “The Woolen Spires”, the band’s second full length is a place where atmospheres and eras collide. With a pop sensibility that allows full flowering into the experimental and the experiential, JTP are melodious astronauts for your indie-pop dreams.

BTV029 Jetenderpaul : Presents the Modal Lines

“Presents the Modal Lines” (btv029)
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Track listing:
1. The Design
2. A Readjustment
3. Hudson Bay Drive
4. The Secret of the Day
5. An Old Pamphlet Quote
6. All I Wanted to Remember
7. Before You Became Princess Belltower
8. The Piles of Paper Left By You
9. Bonaventure (A Prototype)
10. Breaking Candy Hearts
11. Our Future’s Passed
12. George Gabelson
13. Twenty-One

Jetenderpaul’s third full-length finds these post-graduate indie popsters embracing pop melodies in the midst of their bedroom recording experimentation. Each of the 13 tracks on The Modal Lines are in the 3 minute cheap abilify online realm, giving the tracks a greater sense of cohesion and melodic development than their previous efforts. There is still experimentation with complicating pop formulas being mixed and changed, but still plenty of sugary hooks. Comparisons to The Flaming Lips or Ween, but also Elephant Six related bands such as Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, or Of Montreal, with a lesser amount of that overall sense of psychedelia. The cd is also an interactive cd-rom featuring a video for the track “Our Future’s Passed.”

BTV039 Jetenderpaul : A Casualty Too Serious To Afford

“A Casualty Too Serious To Afford ” (btv039)
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Track listing:
1. We Already Leapt that Fence
2. The Fotheroy Institute’s Living Lecture Series
3. Another Reason Why Ehrhorn Should Quit His Job
4. I’ve Got Ears to Eavesdrop
5. The Other Person’s Cues
6. A Brief Epistemological Crisis (circa 1952)

Jetenderpaul offer up the 6-song 7″ “A Casualty Too Serious Too Afford” as their smart follow-up to 2000’s critically acclaimed Jetenderpaul Presents the Modal Lines. The 7″ marks a bit of a return to long, obtuse song titling and short song segments, as well as an extension of the pop format established by their previous full-length. This 7″ is a co-release betwen Burnt Toast Vinyl and Hype City Record (Norway).