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A little lead in news on Pitchfork about the upcoming Forecastle Festival in Louisville that Unwed Sailor are playing. They’ll be there on Saturday 26 July.
We’re planning like fiends to finalize details for getting Yndi Halda to the U.S. They’re going to hit the ground running on 29 July starting in Philadelphia. It’s their first American tour. I’ve been getting cds and LPs ready, as well as getting posters out to all of the venues. We’re getting some news shirts and buttons printed up shortly, as well. Apparently some of the UK customers have been waiting a while for the 2xLP version. The repress has just arrived and will be on it’s way across the ocean very very soon.

I’ve updated quite a few dates for the upcoming Yndi Halda U.S. tour. It’s the first time that they will tour in the US. More dates will be added soon, be sure to see them when they come to your town.
Unwed Sailor is hitting the road for a week long tour towards the end of July/beginning of August. They’ll be playing dates to and from the Forecastle Festival in Louisville.

Happy National Doughnut Day! I plan to celebrate with a Yum Yum Donut Peanut Butter Cup, peanut butter filling with chocolate icing and peanuts. Tomorrow, The Commissioner, Ethan, and maybe Cakeator will belatedly celebrate with some delicious treats at the Doughnut Plant in NYC en route to see William Basinski play at the ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn. Visit The Blognut for updates on all things doughnut.
Unwed Sailor is still on tour, be sure to see them when they rock through your town.
Yndi Halda are going to be in the US to tour. They’re arriving in late July and staying through most of August. Dates are in the process of being booked.
Emperor X is going to be at the M Room in Philadelphia next Thursday, 12 June. Do not miss him if you live in the city.