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Willis and I worked hard screen printing shirts for the Yndi Halda tour last night. I was his assistant and apprentice and got to print quite a few myself. They’re looking good. Be sure to be one or six on their American tour. They’re kicking things off in Philadelphia on Tuesday at the M Room. Be sure to be there if you’re in the area
Unwed Sailor are at the Forecastle Festival today in Louisville. They’ll be on the road for another week, so be sure to see them.

Unwed Sailor is on the road again! Their first show is tonight in a week and half long jaunt that will find them hitting the Forecastle Festival in Louisville on Saturday. Be sure to see them bring the rock.
Yndi Halda are packing their bags and making last minute preparations to make their way to the US. Their visas were approved and they will be arriving this Sunday. I’ve updated a couple of dates for their monthlong itinerary. It’s their first American tour, so you can’t miss them!
If you happen to be in the area, Byul is playing in Seoul this Friday. Hopefully Mike from Soporus will make the show if his plane lands on time. Here’s an awesome flyer for the show. Their album has finally been recorded and they’re working on artwork as we speak.

Lots of new dates are up for the Yndi Halda tour, several confirmed and a few with cities that will have final details announced shortly. Be sure to see them bring the rock!