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Thanks to Alex for setting up the Yndi Halda show at Site:B in Williamsport last night and Rich for taking them in and looking after them. Tonight, Yndi Halda will be playing with Soporus in Lancaster at The Infantree Gallery, 21 N. Prince Street. 8pm, $7.
Incidentally, I’ve been finalizing the artwork and production plans for Soporus’ 24,110 full-length. The retail release date is 28 October and will make for a beautiful autumn listen.
Brit, Dave, and I are meeting up with Rich, Tom, and Tom at Ommegang tomorrow to attend the Belgium Comes to Cooperstown festival. See you there!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the M Room last night to see Yndi Halda’s first American show in Philadelphia. A special thanks to Matthew and Willis from Saxon Shore/Soporus for lending so much gear for the tour. Yndi Halda have some new material and now provide vocals. Be sure to see them when they come to your town. They’re set to light the rest of Pennsylvania on fire this week with shows in Williamsport, Lancaster, and Pittsburgh.
Unwed Sailor are still on a little tour jaunt which wraps up this weekend. They’re in Missouri tonight, then headed towards home with shows in Fayetteville and Tulsa.

Willis and I worked hard screen printing shirts for the Yndi Halda tour last night. I was his assistant and apprentice and got to print quite a few myself. They’re looking good. Be sure to be one or six on their American tour. They’re kicking things off in Philadelphia on Tuesday at the M Room. Be sure to be there if you’re in the area
Unwed Sailor are at the Forecastle Festival today in Louisville. They’ll be on the road for another week, so be sure to see them.