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yndi halda : enjoy eternal bliss 2xLP re-press

yndi halda’s enjoy eternal bliss has now been repressed on colored vinyl. The first LP is a purple marble and the second LP is a grey marble. Order in the store.


2000 Trees

Yndi Halda will be playing the 2000 Trees festival in Gloucestershire, UK, 14-16 July. For more details, visit the festival website.


Happy 2011

It’s been awhile, but btv is alive and kicking, working hard behind the scenes on some releases for 2011 and beyond. A new etching has been done for the steven r. smith one-sided LP, so we’re expecting test pressings very very soon. Emperor X is hard at work at new songs. We’re not exactly sure what the final fate of everything is, but we’re excited. Lots of ideas for the vinyl issue of Damien Jurado’s Rehearsals for Departure that will happen in 2011. Lots of ongoing work for the re-issue of Starflyer 59’s Gold on vinyl in 2011. Planning a one-sided LP with A Lily, featuring James from Yndi Halda. A maxi single from neo-goths Low&Behold. And, finally, maybe?, a full-length from our South Korean friends Byul…


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