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James from Yndi Halda has a side project called A Lily. His first release wake:sleep will be out on Dynamophone Records in June. It’s over an hour of ambient guitar and electronics, a very beautiful record. I’ll try to have copies available from the online store as soon as they are available.
Thanks to everyone who came to see Half-Handed Cloud, Vollmar, and Lenny Smith on Saturday. I had a lot of fun hanging out, especially when John, Justin, and I were aimlessly cruising around Northern Liberties looking for a tacqueria. After a couple of phone calls and stopping to ask a few people for directions, we eventually had some really amazing food. John has a tour only Half-Handed Cloud ep available, so be sure to get that when he plays in a town near you.

Todd Brown from Twitch Film braved the border crossing and arrived from Canada last night. He’s a walking encyclopedia of Asian film.
Rosie and Witmer cleared up the Sufjan baby joke far too soon for his fan site, shame on you both.
Saxon Shore are squaring off against Gregor Samsa in round 2 of the Decoy Music post-rock competition. I have to admit I really like Gregor Samsa’s 55:12, but war is war and the Saxons need your vote. Register and vote away. Yndi Halda will be competing tomorrow. Keep up the voting.
Saxon Shore are playing MACRoCk tonight in Harrisonburg, VA at Court Square Theater.

Saxon Shore won in the first round of the post-rock tournament yesterday. Yndi Halda is in the running today, go vote for them.
Congratulations to Sufjan and Rosie on their upcoming new project as reported by Pitchfork…happy parenting you lovebirds.
Many thanks to Commissioner Stone who slaved away weeding, raking, and mulching most of the day yesterday. He is my lawn wrangling hero.
Tom, Brit, and I wandered over to Temple’s Ambler campus to see Denison play in what seemed to be their student center. It was a super early show with Denison headlining at 7pm. After, we kidnapped him and somehow ended up playing trivia at the Drafting Room later in the night. As the Sleepers, in celebration of Denison’s forthcoming ep Are You a Sleeper?, we finished in the middle of the pack. He was also able to confirm the Pitchfork rumors.
Tonight, Ben Sand and Todd Brown are coming to Philadelphia!
Also, a don’t miss event:
Emperor X (Mountain Goats with drum machines?, it’s got the Shrimper indie pop sound)
Franklin Delano (creeky folk music from Italy)
Jon Felton and his Soulmobile
1125 S. Broad in Philadelphia. $6, 8:30pm.
Red Sparowes has had some gear stolen in Stockholm. If you’re Swedish, go to Do You Dream of Noise or the Red Sparowes myspace page for some more details.

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