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In the spirit of NCAA basketball, Decoy Music is having some sort of Post-Rock tournament. There are details here. Saxon Shore is the 6th seed for the US and Yndi Halda is the 5th seed for the UK. There’s some kind of contest involved, so read away.

AM/FM are alive and well. Thanks to Philebrity for the stalker heads up. They were one of the original participants slated for the btv one-sided LP series and they’ve been quietly working on an ep for a while.
Some tour dates are up for Yndi Halda for all of you British readers in Kent, UK.
There’s a video from the Bosque Brown set at SXSW in the comments section of their myspace page.

There is a new band on the btv roster, you may have noticed some updated links on the other pages. Yndi Halda from Canterbury, Kent, UK will be on the roster for the US and on Big Scary Monsters in the UK. Their debut will be released in November 2006. You can view their website here or their myspace page here.
I’ve updated a few of the release pages to include our Spring releases from Unwed Sailor, Bosque Brown, June Panic, and Efterklang. I haven’t yet added the release to the online store for pre-order, but once the LPs are in production, I’ll add them.
Serena Maneesh are in Philadelphia on Thursday. Ben is on American soil again! I can’t wait. See you at the show.
Saxon Shore are at Union Pool in Brooklyn on Friday. I’ll be up with a bunch of people, see you there.