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I’m in NC for a few days. I stopped by to visit Redeye, the btv distributor, and make sure that all was well for the launch of Unwed Sailor’s The White Ox on 16 October. Get ready and brace yourself. I’ve updated their tour dates with a venue change for their dates with The Appleseed Cast and Murder By Death and added a couple of European dates. Unwed Sailor will be out on tour in the US in November into December and I will be posting that information as soon as it’s known. It’s on, it’s so on. There have also been some talks about a Circle of Birds full-length to be recorded in February in Colorado.
The yndi halda enjoy eternal bliss booklet layout is nearly complete and the cd is mastered. Everything is looking good for this release.
We’re getting close to an announcement of a new band or two to the btv roster…who will it be, who will it be??

I feel like I’m really behind on updates here. I went to Boston this weekend and stayed with Randall from Jetenderpaul. There is a 9 min Jetenderpaul epic that may find itself on a 7″ very soon. We’ll see. Thanks to Randall and Beth for being great hosts.
Unwed Sailor are doing a few dates with The Appleseed Cast and Murder By Death before they go off for a month in Europe. Dates are posted on the site now. Also, the UK dates of the tour are with A Lily which is James from Yndi Halda. I’ll have the A Lily record added to the online store shortly, it is one of the best ambient records I’ve heard in a long time. Seriously.
I’m off to Chicago for some Hott Dougs this weekend. See you there.

I’m all about Emperor X ever since I saw the show in Philadelphia a couple months back. I’ve been listening to Central Hug/Friend Army/Fractal Dunes on Discos Mariscos. You can hear some of his songs on the Emperor X myspace page. Anyhow, Chad is working on a series of recordings called “The Blythe Archives” and one of the releases in the series will be a one-sided LP for Burnt Toast Vinyl.
Yndi Halda has finished the audio for Enjoy Eternal Bliss and it should be mastered this week. The artwork is also finished, too, and I’ll be organizing it to send off to the printer for the US/UK versions.
Oliver Chapoy from Saxon Shore was once a member of Shai Halud. ’nuff said. Does this prove their hardcore cred?
I’m going to Boston to visit the great Dr. Randall from Jetenderpaul. There will be rumors and rumblings of future recordings, I am sure…Are they the most awesome btv band that you’ve never heard? Quite possibly.

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