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Farewell Kurt Vonnegut, literary genius and fellow Hoosier. Your books have provided endless hours of entertainment and magic.
Unwed Sailor now have t-shirts available on-line at We should have more dates to post for their shows in May and June very soon.
Yndi Halda are still rocking the European Continent. Go see them.

Yndi Halda continues to rock the European continent. They’ll be playing at the Rhaaa Lovely Festival tomorrow in Belgium with quite a few other instrumental and post rock bands. The Silent Ballet has compiled an mp3 compilation of bands featured at the festival if you want to take a listen. I was almost on a flight to deliver more LPs to them on tour, but wasn’t able to get the tickets in time. So, more LPs should be delivered in time for dates in Spain.
Italy’s 3/4HadBeenEliminated will be doing a one-sided LP soon. The band has two full-lengths, a self-titled debut on Bowindo and A Year of the Aural Gauge Operation on Hapna. 3/4HadBeenEliminated write songs out of improvisation and incorporate acoustic and electronic instruments with field recordings and effects to create an instrumental music with elements of drone, noise, and psychedelia. I’ve been loving both of their albums and am excited to hear what they will do for a one-sided LP.

Yndi Halda is on tour in Europe and should have copies of the 2xLP version of Enjoy Eternal Bliss available.
I spent Friday night and Saturday assembling several copies of Unwed Sailor Circles/The White Ox 2xLPs to ready them for their retail release date on 29 May. Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss 2xLP will be out in retail stores on 1 May. Denison Witmer Safe Away 180g LPs will be out in retail stores tomorrow, 3 April.
Unwed Sailor will be on tour in June with Manchester Orchestra. I’ll be adding a few of the confirmed dates to the website shortly.
Willi$, Chris, and Matt from HYMY Industries have finished the LP covers for the Foxhole/The Magic Lantern/Soporus/Questions in Dialect 2xLPs. You can see an image of the cover artwork on their front page. They’ve done multiple screen print pulls and letterpress runs for the design. The first batch is just 150 covers, so order right away.
It’s opening day for baseball. We held the btv baseball league draft on Saturday night and are ready to go. And then tonight, I’m rooting for the midwest and Big10 in NCAA basketball.