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Foxhole’s Push/Pull is reviewed on The Silent Ballet here.
I updated the online catalog to add the A Lily cd which is James from Yndi Halda’s ambient side-project and highly recommended. I also added new releases from Damien Jurado, Woven Hand, and the Mono/World’s End Girlfriend split. Take a look and order away.

Saxon Shore is going to be playing at CMJ on 2 November at the Knitting Factory. They’ll be on at 10:30pm in the tap bar and both Matt and Oliver from Saxon Shore will be DJing during a day party at the Knitting Factory from 1-5pm. They’re still on for Taiwan on 28 October.
Unwed Sailor’s The White Ox is in stores next Tuesday, 17 October. Go buy it at a great store near you. There are a few more shows added for their US tour.
It was great to see Serena Maneesh and Woven Hand on Thursday night. I got a pleasant surprise and my friend Tom from New Zealand showed up for the show. It’s always good to see Emil and the amazing Ben Sand.
Props to Justin, DJ, and Ricky along with Brit and Vann for hanging in Selinsgrove on Saturday. We trecked up to Williamsport country for an apple and cheese festival.
I attempted to wire up an arcade machine to our game pc, but need to get a different graphics card…in case you’re keeping tabs on progress in the Commissioner’s Lounge at the btv compound.
Speaking of the commissioner and all things baseball, I ended up dying out right before the end of the season and finished in second in the Burnt Toast Vinyl fantasy baseball league. My hitting just wasn’t on par and the pitching wasn’t enough to keep me in first place. There’s always next year. My dad finished third. Not bad for an old man. The Dodgers faded a little more rapidly with a shameful performance against the Mets. At least the Yankees are done for the year. As a controversial side note: Yankees fans (and I hope none of you are, but won’t hold it against you), when are you going to realize that A-Rod is really your star and not Jeter. Check the stats and trade him to Philadelphia, we’d give you Pat Burrell and be happy with your supposed superstar failure. Anyhow, I’m cheering for the A’s. Billy Beane needs a World Series Championship.

I’ve updated quite a few dates for Unwed Sailor in Europe and added several new dates for their U.S. tour in November/December. I’ve also added a new Bosque Brown show and Saxon Shore’s appearance at the MegaPort Festival in Taiwan.
I’ll be at the unitarian in Philadelphia tonight to see my friends Serena Maneesh with Bardo Pond and Woven Hand. See you there!

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