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Test Pressings

Pink test pressings of The Jealous Sound are being shipped out to those who pre-ordered.

Pink Test Pressing

Marble blue test pressings will be shipping out this weekend and there are copies still available in the online store:

Marbled Blue Test Pressing

Final versions will be added into the pressing schedule at the vinyl plant and be ready in the coming weeks.


The Jealous Sound Test Pressings

The Jealous Sound test pressings are in the queue at the vinyl plant and we’re expecting a batch to arrive this week. Test pressings orders with jackets and inserts should be shipping out by Saturday. We’re expecting to be able to have additional blue test pressings on sale beginning Wednesday evening, so look for them in the online store then.


Letterpressing Inserts for The Jealous Sound

Will from HYMY Industries and I spent several hours this weekend printing lyric inserts for The Jealous Sound LPs. We’re letterpressing them using our vintage manual Vandercook No. 3 proof press machine. The paper that we’re using is from French Paper, one of America’s smallest paper mills located in Michigan and family run since 1871.

Uncut Insert Front Image

Uncut Back Image

Video: Vandercook Letterpress In Action

So, work is underway, but the vinyl isn’t quite ready to ship.