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Damien Jurado, mewithoutyou, Unwed Sailor

Congratulations to Al and Amy who are engaged to be married later in the fall. We celebrated after catching Damien Jurado play an intimate set in Philadelphia’s Unitarian church chapel. The spot holds somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 people. The first show sold out and a second was added and actually had more people than the first. It’s quite a special event to see a quiet singer/songwriter and actually be able to hear the songs without folks talking loudly over their beers in the middle of the set. Laura Gibson opened and it was an impressive set. Was quite a fan of the singing saw, especially. Damien played solo for a rather long set. Always great to see him play.

Unwed Sailor wrapped up their spring tour last night in Tulsa after about 4 weeks of touring. Many thanks to all who came out to see them. Johnathon has started a new band with Bryce from Ester Drang and some other Tulsa friends called Native Lights. Their debut show (at least I think their debut) is on 23 May in Tulsa.

I’m wrapping up plans for the mewithoutyou vinyl release of It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright! It’s just a long enough record that we’re going to need to do a double LP. It will come in a thick gatefold jacket. Possibly an etching on the 4th side, but more details later in the week. Thanks to everyone who has been pre-ordering. We’re trying our best to have the vinyl ready to ship near the cd release date.


Store and Starflyer 59 Silver Vinyl

Apologies to those attempting to order mewithoutyou’s LP last night, there were a couple of kinks in the server configuration that are now ironed out. Our store hadn’t been stress tested quite like that, but we’re set. The btv news feed has also been improved today, so we’re excited about that, too.

Our friends in Bloomington, Crossroads of America, have been hard at work to get Starflyer 59′s Silver out on vinyl. We’ve been talking to a lot of folks about getting this out over the last couple of years and they’ve finally pulled the trigger. We’re excited about that. It’s the first appearance on vinyl ever (after 15+ years) and we’re pretty sure it ended up as 180g vinyl,though we’re waiting for final confirmation. It’s been up for order on their site for about a month and is now shipping/has shipped. You can now order from the btv online store and we’ll get them out shortly.


Vinyl Update, Go Phils!

We’re on the edge of our seats anylwaiting the outcome of the last 3 1/2 innings of World Series Game 5. I’ll be out in the Fishtown waiting for the celebration. Go Phils.

Some good news for fans of new releases. Starflyer 59 test pressings are approved. There is a significant delay at the plant for pressing, but it looks as though we’ve negotiated a run at the plant next week, meaning LPs should be shipping out to customers about 2 weeks from now if all goes according to plan. We’re excited about this.

Denison Witmer test pressings are also approved. I’m working on a final delivery date for this LP, but we’re hopeful that these will be ready for Denison to sell in November at shows and will ship just prior to the release date. We’ll be supplying download codes by e-mail if the LPs won’t be shipping by then. The first batch, available by pre-order or from Denison directly, will be on yellow and white vinyl.

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Did I say Go Phils already?!