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Damien Jurado “How I Broke My Legs”

Damien Jurado at Avonduren in Middleburg, Netherlands performing “How I Broke My Legs” from the first (and very essential) btv one-sided LP, Four Songs:

He’s on tour in Europe right now!

Damien Jurado “Arkansas”

Damien Jurado performing “Arkansas” live in Utrecht on a boat in a canal for The Canal Sessions [via Secretly Canadian]:

The Canal Sessions: Damien Jurado – Arkansas from The Canal Sessions on Vimeo.


Emperor X in Australia

I just dropped Chad from Emperor X off at LAX where he’s flying to Australia to tour with Adam Harding for two and a half weeks or so. Show dates have been added to the website.

Here’s a teaser video for the tour:

Adam Harding feat. Emperor X – Pure Reason from Adam Harding on Vimeo.