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Damien Jurado “Rehearsals for Departure” (Live)

From a live session for the blog Done Waiting, Damien Jurado plays “Rehearsals for Departure”:

[link via the wonderful Mr. Cheek who got it from Secretly Canadian]
Don’t worry, the vinyl release of Rehearsals for Departure is underway…

Rhys Chatham : A Crimson Grail

On 8 August 2009, 200 guitarists performed Rhys Chatham’s A Crimson Grail.  Our friends Oliver Chapoy (Saxon Shore, Warm Ghost, Helado Negro), Matthew Stone (Soporus), and Steve Hoffman (Soporus) were part of the live guitar orchestra. Nonesuch has released the performance on cd and it’s available here directly or at your local music store. This is the outdoor version for 200 guitars as opposed to the indoor French version for 400 guitars previously released by Table of the Elements.

Here’s a video released in conjunction with the live performance release:


Damien Jurado “Pear”

Damien Jurado performing “Pear” live in Utrecht on a boat in a canal for The Canal Sessions [via Secretly Canadian]:

The Canal Sessions: Damien Jurado – Pear from The Canal Sessions on Vimeo.