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I’ve made some edits to the online store. Starflyer 59 Dial M and Denison Witmer Carry the Weight test-pressing LPs are now on-sale. These are both in ultra-limited editions of 25 and will ship as soon as they arrive from the factory (approximately 4-6 weeks before the official release date). They will ship without artwork and the artwork will be sent later. Both LPs will have an additional track exclusive to the LP release. Soporus 24,110 cd is also available for pre-order and will ship just before the retail release date of 28 October.
Unwed Sailor is gearing up to finish History in early October. Unwed Sailor is also planning extensive touring in the fall, hitting the road in the US in November and then off to Europe for late November/early December. We’ll have confirmed dates soon.

Yndi Halda are bringing the rock to Texas at the moment. Austin tonight to wrap up the Houston/Denton/Austin trifecta. Things have been going well and I’ve been scrambing to get them more shirts and records on the road. Willis and I are screenprinting more tomorrow night to keep up with the high demand. They’re looping back to the east coast from Texas after the weekend.
Foxhole are coming from Bowling Green/Nashville for a quick show in Richmond, VA on Friday and then to Ski Roundtop in Lewisberry, PA for a festival on Saturday. I can’t wait to see them play, it’s been forever.
Starflyer 59 vinyl is en route for lacquer mastering, the first step in vinyl manufacturing. The extra track is called “Majic” for those keeping track and will round out the B side.
Soporus artwork is at the factory now, as well. We’re going to be pressing up 24,110 in the heavy gatefold cardboard jackets similar to Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars.
Denison Witmer is working on a bonus track for the vinyl version of Carry the Weight. We’re trying to get this off for lacquer mastering early next week.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the M Room last night to see Yndi Halda’s first American show in Philadelphia. A special thanks to Matthew and Willis from Saxon Shore/Soporus for lending so much gear for the tour. Yndi Halda have some new material and now provide vocals. Be sure to see them when they come to your town. They’re set to light the rest of Pennsylvania on fire this week with shows in Williamsport, Lancaster, and Pittsburgh.
Unwed Sailor are still on a little tour jaunt which wraps up this weekend. They’re in Missouri tonight, then headed towards home with shows in Fayetteville and Tulsa.

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