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It was a busy weekend, but lots of excitement. Thanks to everyone who came out to see Ester Drang play. They left from Philadelphia last night to drive straight through to Oklahoma. They’re sadistic folks. My good friend Jeff Cloud (Starflyer 59, Velvet Blue Music) was also around this weekend for some general fun and rock goodness. It’s always good to have some old friends around.
I glimpsed the beginnings of Yume Bitsu artwork for their one-sided LP. Adam promises that the music is being remixed and will arrive soon. I’m getting anxious for the next LP in the series to come out. Whichever is finished first.
I’ve been working on LP artwork for Unwed Sailor and cleaning up the cd artwork for them to repress in time for their October European tour. I’m also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Denison’s cds from the manufacturing plant. I’m also hoping that there won’t be a baseball strike, but somehow feel that it’s inevitable. Very sad.

I’m excited for this week. Ester Drang will soon be en route to the East Coast. Come see them play in NYC at the Mercury Lounge on Thursday, 15 August. They’ll be playing with Owen (Polyvinyl Records). Hope to see you there for the rock.
Kind of Like Spitting are working, working, working on their one-sided LP. They just left yesterday for a big tour and will be in Philadelphia on 26 August. We’ll be finalizing plans for the release then. Incidentally, the show is at the North Star Bar and Denison will be opening. It’s an all-ages show, so be sure to come out. Also, Early Day Miners have finished the audio for their one-sided LP and are considering the artwork now. The Six Parts Seven will be recording the audio for their one-sided LP at the end of the month in Ohio. Unwed Sailor will be recording their one-sided LP in early October somewhere in Europe right before their October European tour. There have been some tentative discussions about recording in either Oslo or Copenhagen with some of our friends there. Ester Drang will be recording audio for their one-sided LP later this month after their East Coast jaunt.

I’ve been working on an Unwed Sailor poster for their October European tour. That’s the official excitement these days. I’m anxiously awaiting the Philadelphia Songs cds form the factory and some posters to promote the album and tour.
Today, I’ve been listening to the new full-lengths from Kind of Like Spitting and Seldom, both of which are highly recommended releases.
I forgot to mention that during my flight into Allentown, PA on Sunday, I sat next too one of the members of Shaggy’s backup band. Many other members were also on the flight, but, alas, no Shaggy. I guess you could call it a minor rock star sighting.
Are you preparing yourself for the touring assault of Denison Witmer and The Trouble with Sweeney? They are starting a leg of their autumn tours together. We’ll get the good word of rock out to the masses yet. Enjoy the ride.

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