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Happy Birthday Willis who turns 24 on the 24th. If you know him, send him your birthday greetings peppered with umlauts. He likes those.
Denison Witmer’s Philadelphia Songs was officially available in stores today. Indie record stores, as well as larger chains should have this in stock. If your local store isn’t carrying it, be sure to encourage them to order it in from Redeye.
My parents saw Denison on his tour this past weekend and had nothing but great things to say. So, be sure to follow in their footsteps and catch him playing live. His dates have been updated to reflect the most up-to-date itinerary. I also made some slight changes to Unwed Sailor dates. The Trouble with Sweeney dates are set for now and will be updated as soon as I get more details.

I finally posted the mp3 for “24 Turned 25” from Denison Witmer’s Philadelphia Songs. So, those of you interested in hearing something from the new album before you buy it can download the mp3 and take a listen. I also added mp3 links to a track from Unwed Sailor’s Marionette and the Music Box and The Trouble with Sweeney’s “Karen.” Be sure to take a listen.

I’ve finally re-ordered Burnt Toast Vinyl t-shirts in both black and red in sizes small through extra large. They should be ready next week or so. The new website that is being designed has red as one of the main colors, so I thought new shirts should mimic that scheme.
I am also sending the master and artwork for Ester Drang’s Goldenwest cd to Gentlemen Records in Switzerland who will be issuing the album for release in Europe. So, the release should be more easily available in Europe once the cds are pressed by Gentlemen. By the way, Unwed Sailor is touring in Europe with a band from Gentlemen Records, Toboggan.
I keep following the Dodgers’ race for the wild-card bid in the National League. There is still hope, but time is slowly running out.

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