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Congratulations to Mike and Elisabeth who are the parents of a New baby boy as of last nIght.
My parents went to see Saxon Shore last night at a university Near my home town. My dad is a big fan of thEir Four Months of Darkness album and likes to talk baseball with Matthew who’s been rocking it as their seconD guitarist on this tour, leAving me to be in charge of mail order again. I am planning to go to upstate NY this weekend to see the Saxxons rockit in Ithaca and Elmira. See You there?
I just received The Six Parts Seven LPs. Finally. After way too many weeks at the record factory. Pre-orders will be going out tomorrow. I promise.

Denison Witmer will be opening up for Cat Power at the Trocadero in Philadelphia next Friday, 17 October, doors at 7pm. See you there.
Wednesday night, The Six Parts Seven played The Fire as part of their autumn U.S. tour. I brought the covers for the one-sided LPs to the show and am hoping to have the vinyl to fill them sent shortly. Attitudes of Collapse is some of The Six Parts Seven finest material and one of the best releases to be on Burnt Toast Vinyl, so be sure to get it as soon as it’s available.
Thursday night, a van load of us went up to Allentown to relive the metal years and see Stryper rock it live. Needless to say, heavy metal is keeping it real in the PA countryside. It’s interesting to see a band back on the road after quite a few years and there is something completely funny about it all that seems to be lost on the band. They were good at what they were doing, so I guess that’s admirable in some way, it at least entertained us.
Tonight, my friend Dave and I saw Tarantino’s Kill Bill. It was flashy, well-filmed, edited, and scored, but the action was a bit on the predictable and cheesy side. Not a gripping turning point in American cinema, but a reasonably entertaining time.
Tomorrow night, I’ll be going to NJ to see Sufjan Stevens and Soul-Junk play at a Daniel/Elin Smith sponsored event at at The Waters, 274 Delsea Drive in Hurffville, NJ, 7pm. Artist Paul Goode will be displaying his work. Matt Ralph will be reading from his recently released book, Not Even Your Money: Stories of a Quick Stop, which is supposed to recount a moment when I visit Matt at the 7-11 and one of the customers attempted to hold him up as some sort of joke.
and the Cubs/Marlins are going into extra innings…

Cubs and Red Sox both advancing? The end of civilization must be eminent. Growing up in the midwest, being a Cubs fan was a badge of honor, like rooting for Charlie Brown’s team to win a game or him to actually kick the football in the fall. I wasn’t ever a Cubs fan, but have fond memories of going to Wrigley Field, which for me is the best stadium in all of baseball. So, deep down, there is a bit of the cheering the underdog mentality and I have to be hoping for the Cubs to beat the Marlins. And Red Sox vs. Yankees? You have to have no soul to actually hope the Yankess win, or at least be a New Yorker, and I guess in that case it’s forgiveable.
Keyes, the Clintons, and I saw School of Rock last night and it was everything I hoped it would be and maybe more. Jack Black has the overdone rock star moves down and is completely hilarious. It’s no movie for plot analysis, but sitting back and letting it take me on its ride was definitely pure brain candy entertainment.
The Six Parts Seven are in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Their one-sided LPs are hopefully going to be at the show. They’re getting pressed and awaiting shipping. I’ll get a final confirmation later today. Anyhow, I’ll be at the show and you should be too if you’re in the area.

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