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I am looking at the artwork for the Live Mount Eerie 3xLP and it’s one of the most spectacular looking covers I’ve ever seen. This will be a triple gatefold jacket and the cover art expands to be three LP panels wide. All of the text is in both Danish and English and this is a co-release with my good friend Mikael and his label Washington Inc. in Copenhagen. Mikael recorded the show and he and Phil recorded a short track, “The Boom” the following day in his apartment. There is an LP sized booklet that features all of the lyrics written in both Danish and English as well. I’m really excited about this release. All of the artwork should be sent off to the printer in the next couple of days and the test pressings for the first 2 LPs have already been approved. The third LP with an etching on the obverse (yes, this is loosely in the one-sided LP series) is getting plated sometime in the next week or so.
Last night, I went to see The Six Parts Seven at the unitarian church as they opened for TV on the Radio. The band has added a vibraphone player, taking the sound in a slightly different direction. At one point, there were seven members on stage. They’ve just finished recording a full-length that should be out in late August, just after their brilliant one-sided LP is released to stores. I always love to see them play, they’re one of my favorite instrumental bands.
I left the show to pick up The Trouble with Sweeney cdep. There was a printing error and the front and back covers were not printed on the sleeves, so I picked up all of the missprints from Charlie. New cdeps are being made right now and will be arriving in the next week or so. Pre-orders will be added to the webstore soon. This is the album for summer barbeques and will provide the right jams for any party you may be having. After that, I went to see Destroyer play at the North Star Bar and got there just in time, just missing the opening song. I first saw Destroyer play in 2001 and it was a more acoustic-based, toned down affair, like the Streethawk album. Here, touring on Your Blues, the band translated “Helena” to a blistery rocker. At times, the songs were completely chaotic and noisy, this was one completely amazing show. I swear the hairs on my arm stood on end when “Your Blues” transitioned from the spoken word beginning into the rock and the extended “Notorious Lightening” closer was out of control, a frenzy of pounding drums and flailing guitars. I was saddened by missing Frog Eyes, but had to leave after one Califone song to preserve the memory of the truly incredible Destroyer set. Go see them on tour! “You’ve got the spirit, don’t lose the feeling”
I am loving the Dodger success this season with them having the best record in baseball. I’m going to see them play the Phillies twice next week. I hope I don’t get beat up when I cheer against the home team.
I’ve added a new bumper sticker to my van. You should, too.

There’s snow on the ground here, about 6″ that fell Friday and Saturday. In the midst of some of the snowstorm, I was fostering my friendster addiction.
Some big news…btv will be releasing the vinyl version of Sufjan Stevens’ new album “Seven Swans.” The release date for both the cd (on Sounds Familyre) and LP will be March 2004 and both will be distributed to stores by the fine folks at Secretly Canadian Distribution. Sufjan is finishing up the layout this morning. If you haven’t heard Sufjan’s album “Michigan,” you need to entertain thoughts of purchasing it. You can buy it from Asthmatic Kitty, Sounds Familyre, the btv online store, or your favorite local record shop.
Ben from Kind of Like Spitting e-mailed and there are still plans for this one-sided LP to be released. More details when they’re ready. Artwork and audio is ready now for Aspera, Starflyer 59, and Ester Drang. Yume Bitsu is still simmering away, too. It will be a big time for one-sided LPs in the early ’04. One-sided LPs from Damien Jurado, The Six Parts Seven, and Early Day Miners are available now and are amazing.
Damien and Eric Fisher are still planning to record the debut release from Texas’ Bosque Brown. More details when discussions progress.

Tonight, keyeS, witmer, and I are going to see the elf. I haven’t heard anything about this moviE, but it looks like some dumb fun. And it’s got will ferrell.
I just went to the indian buffet with Dave and Nicole and have a belly full of spices and creamy sauces.
All The Six Parts Seven LPs are en route to those who pre-ordered. Hopefully they will be arriving soon. These are some of the best songs the band has recorded And an amazing one-sided LP. You will laugh, you will cry, you will fall in love.
I just added some new titles to the btV store, including new or recent releasEs from The Album Leaf, Do Make Say Think, Isolation Years, The Rachels, June Panic, Spokane, Explosions in the Sky, Amalgamated Sons of Rest, The Books, The Innocence Mission, Erase Errata, Joan of Arc 7″, and My Morning Jacket. I still have copies of last year’s Pedro the Lion Christmas 7″ for sale iN the store, by the way, as well as Low’s Christmas album.

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