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Thanks to everyone who came out to the BTV showcase at CMJ last night, especially Al and Tim from The Six Parts Seven. Saxon Shore debuted a set without a live drummer or recorded drum tracks, bringing in the ambient wall of guitar sound, but also maintaining the Saxon Shore melodic style. Joey Sweeney and the Forevertakers re-interpreted a Trouble with Sweeney song and offered up a few new songs that they’ve been working on as they move separately in a direction of ’70s AM radio pop. I rode up with Matthew, Carrie, Willis, and Lauren and we later met up with Jess. Matthew and Willis were 2/3 of Saxon Shore last night and seemed to be having a great time of it. We tracked down the supposed best falafel on the east coast and made a stop at Two Boots pizza to get a slice of Bayou Beast, at least that’s what I got and seem to always get. Love to get the spicy sausage/crawdad combo on my pizza.

I updated the on-line store and added the Mt. Eerie 3xLP and Woven Hand : Consider the Birds LP for pre-order, as well as Sufjan Stevens : Michigan 2xLP, the new album from The Six Parts Seven, and the Low box set.

As Damien Jurado has written in the blog on his website, the release of This Fabulous Century LP is closer to completion. Once Damien finishes the artwork, the LPs will be ready in about 4 weeks. All copies ordered directly through btv or Damien will be on white vinyl. You can pre-order copies through the website now and these will ship when they are complete.
A dozen of us are off to see Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight. Go see and join in the controversy.
Aspera’s final show ever will be at the Northstar in Philadelphia on Saturday night. See you there. The one-sided LP will come out post-humously once a new B side etching is finished.
The re-issue of Denison Witmer’s Philadelphia Songs with 2 bonus tracks and the Andrew Bruntel/Ali Zubik directed video for “24 Turned 25” will be ready in very early July.
I’m driving Unwed Sailor Marionette LPs and books, Saxon Shore LPs, and The Six Parts Seven The Attitudes of Collapse one-sided LPs to Secretly Canadian in Bloomington next week in plenty of time for a 17 August retail release.

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