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Tonight, I’ll be at the North Star in Philadelphia to see Damien Jurado rock out with T.W. Walsh and Songs:Ohia. I can’t wait. Hope to see you at the show.
Last night, I watched most of the World Series game at my friend Dave’s house. I left when it was tied up, but then stayed up late enough to see the Giants pull through. I’m still a National League fan at heart, even though the Giants and Dodgers are fierce rivals. And, I really do like Barry Bonds.
All American Radio are playing tomorrow night in Lancaster at the Chameleon with One Line Drawing, Arms Bend Back, and Falcon Jones. Starts at 6pm. All you Lancaster folks go out to the rock. I’ll be on my way to Pittsburgh to see the Philip Glass Ensemble play two nights.
I talked to Denison on the road last night. He was in Kansas City and had just played at a David Eggers book signing in Missouri. He seems to be excited about how the tour is going. Be sure to see him while he rides around in his van around the country. Say hello.
I just heard from Unwed Sailor who are in Italy at the moment and are very happy with their shows there. They seem really excited about their touring, too.
A few new cds arrived today…Stars of the Lid : Avec Laudenum, Death Cab for Cutie : You Can Play These Songs with Chords (original demos, plus extras), Christmas Decorations : Model 91 (Kranky), and Bailiff (Kranky). I also re-stocked the Low Christmas record, in time for the season. So, be sure to get that from the on-line store. I added a few new releases, but also added a “Recommended New Releases” and “Recommended Classic Releases” for shoppers looking for cds which I would highly recommend.
Next week is CMJ in NYC. I’ll be going up to see Pedro the Lion in Brooklyn on Wednesday and quite possibly to see The Six Parts Seven on Halloween Night. Scientific will be playing with Pedro the Lion and Seldom in Philadelphia on 1 November, so I’ll be at that show, too. Should be a busy week.

Denison Witmer was #138 on the CMJ top 200 this week, up 61 spots. Thanks to everyone at college radio for playing Philadelphia Songs. There’s also a great review of Philadelphia Songs in the new issue of the Philadelphia City Paper.
The Trouble with Sweeney have decided to cancel their autumn tour. Joey and Reyna just bought a new house that apparently has land deed to another property. In any case, lots of troubles to sort out and an overly hectic month ahead of them. The band will hopefully pick back up on most of the same dates in January and February 2003.
Ester Drang’s Goldenwest will be released in Europe by Swiss label Gentlemen Records in November. The band is also going into the studio in November to record their full-length. It looks like things are set for an 11 March release date now.
Speaking of release dates, the Early Day Miners one-sided LP will be released on 4 February to stores and the Aspera one-sided LP will be released on 4 March to stores, both through Secretly Canadian distribution. The Six Parts Seven have finished the songs for their one-sided LP and the masters are arriving on my doorstep soon. I’m excited to hear them. The band will be playing CMJ in NYC on 31 October, if you’re in the area. Also, Early Day Miners will play on Saturday in Philadelphia with Reels of White Softly Flow and Joey Sweeney at Reset Art, 201 Camac Street, 8pm.
Tonight, I blamed my cold for the reason that I am missing a reading at the Free Library with Zadie Smith, Arthur Bradford, Sarah Vowell, and Jeffrey Eugenides. I was a big fan of Smith and Bradford’s first books, White Teeth and Dogwalker and Eugenides wrote the Virgin Suicides (loved the movie, but haven’t read the book and probably should). I’m hoping that Willis will record it to MiniDisc for me. shhhh…don’t tell anyone.
Tomorrow, I’m hoping to go see either punchdrunklove or Bowling for Columbine. Adam Sandler in an indie film should be an interesting experience and I keep hearing of his character’s love for pudding. I can’t wait. Michael Moore is always entertaining and one of my favorites. A little known fact…my roommates and I met Moore and Crackers the corporate crime fighting chicken when they were filming segments for TV Nation. During the aired segment, you could see me giving Crackers a high five. If you look carefully on the cover of the TV Nation book, I am actually visible in one of the photos. I probably would have to point myself out. Whatever, like you guys care.

The site has been updated to have information on all of our newest releases. Denison Witmer’s Philadelphia Songs cd version has been added to the on-line store.
I knew it was a glorious afternoon, in spite of the overcast sky, when I arrived home and found the long-awaited package from Norway filled with vinyl treats. I carefully placed the new White Trash Inc. (Orchestra) 7″ Pet Cats Get 2000 Credits on the turntable. The A side consists of a live show from late summer 2001 in two segments “If You’re Not on my Called ID I Don’t Want to Talk To You” and “Corporate Conglomerates are the Root of All Evil” (featuring Orlando Greenhill on screamy “spray-opera” vocals), the reverse side being “The Dynamic of Film (Silver Screen Remix)” which was remixed by Matthew Chinn of Frolic (Projekt Records). Also in the package was Soul Junk’s 1939 7″, another special treat from Norway. Oh glorious noise! The on-line store will be the only place to get these in the US for a while…
Denison and The Trouble with Sweeney have two more shows together this week before parting ways to continue on their on separate tours.
Denison now has the covers for his tour-only live cds, so be sure to see him play and pick up a copy of the cd. It features songs recorded from his Autumn 2001/Spring 2002 tours with guitarist Matt Stone and The Six Parts Seven. All songs were recorded direct to MiniDisc and un-edited. The disc features a couple of originals unavailable on any currently released albums, as well as two cover songs also unavailable. The live versions of many of these songs differ from the originally recorded versions, so this makes for a special cd for the Denison Witmer fan.
24 Hour Party People was no longer playing at the theater, so I saw One Hour Photo instead, the creepy Robin Williams movie where he plays a slightly crazy stalker character who works at a one hour photo stand in a department store. The cinematography was stunning, all of the varied colors and strange scene fade ins and fade outs. The plot was much more restrained than what the previews and ads may suggest, but I think that made for more surprises. Oh well, I’m no movie critic. It was worth the price of admission.

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