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We have a good test pressing for Bosque Brown’s Cerro Verde and are hoping to have these out to those who pre-ordered in three weeks or less. Hopefully good test pressings for Efterklang’s One-sided LP will arrive this week, as well.
Saxon Shore are in Taiwan, they just arrived this morning US time.

New test pressings have arrived for the Bosque Brown and Efterklang one-sided LPs. I’m away for a few days to NC and Chicago, but Matthew will be listening in my absence. We’ll hopefully have these out shortly. It’s been a long time coming.

I got test pressings of the 180g LP re-issue of Unwed Sailor’s The Faithful Anchor today. They’re sounding really great. The covers and inserts are all ready and waiting, so it shouldn’t be much longer until an official release date. I should be adding it for order to the online store tomorrow. Meanwhile, the band is still working its way up and down the West Coast.
The artwork is also finished for Questions in Dialect The Ghost Wishes to Speak that is part of the four band 2xLP release and four cdep set. It’s looking more and more like a November release date for the vinyl and cdeps.
I’m finishing up the artwork for Denison Witmer’s Safe Away 180g LP. The audio has been mastered to lacquers and the plates are on their way to the factory. I will be making the LP jackets for this at the same time as those for the Isolation Years’ Snoose Boulevard. I made the logo for Do You Dream of Noise for my friend Krister’s label/distro and that’s ready to be added to the jacket design. It’s going to be a busy vinyl summer/autumn.

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