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Happy Halloween!
I’ve added a few dates for the Unwed Sailor US tour on the webpage. Good news for those on the East Coast, there are many many many dates stretching from Pittsburgh up to Boston. We just got a good test pressing for The White Ox and are expecting a test pressing for Circles later this week or so. The LP versions will only be available as a double LP set, with Circles being a one-sided LP and an etching on side B of James Marsh’ spectacular artwork. Yes, spectacular. These are beautiful albums and the artwork in LP for looks great.
Saxon Shore will be playing on Thursday, 2 November, at The Knitting Factory for the CMJ Music Marathon. Get yourselves out for the rock. They’ll be landing from their Taiwan trip tomorrow and then resting up for CMJ.
Bosque Brown is playing in Dallas on 11 November with Jolie Holland. Go see them.
I now have LP covers for Isolation Years Snoose Boulevard and Denison Witmer Safe Away. A big shipment arrived yesterday. Hoping for good test pressings shortly. I’m also expecting test pressings for Yndi Halda’s Enjoy Eternal Bliss 2xLP any day now. I added details for Yndi Halda’s UK tour in December. If you’re in the UK, get yourself there. Maybe I need to make a little European trip to see them rock…
I don’t like to talk about bad news too often on this site, but the Efterklang test pressings (second round) have a large pop in one of the songs. Lacquers/plates are being re-cut/remade, so we’re hoping this is resolved shortly. Apologies to everyone who pre-ordered, but this will be out soon, I hope. This is an awesome record.
There will be a lot of btv records to give and receive this holiday season!

We have a good test pressing for Bosque Brown’s Cerro Verde and are hoping to have these out to those who pre-ordered in three weeks or less. Hopefully good test pressings for Efterklang’s One-sided LP will arrive this week, as well.
Saxon Shore are in Taiwan, they just arrived this morning US time.

New test pressings have arrived for the Bosque Brown and Efterklang one-sided LPs. I’m away for a few days to NC and Chicago, but Matthew will be listening in my absence. We’ll hopefully have these out shortly. It’s been a long time coming.

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