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Good news, the first 2 7″ for the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ box set sound great. They accidentally put side d on the back of a and b on the back of c for the test pressings. I’m trying to get them to do another batch so test pressing subscribers actually have these things the right way as they were intended to be heard. The factory is good about fixing their mistakes. Right now, the plan is for the first seven inch to be a sort of bluish marbled vinyl and the second seven inch to be a sort of greenish marbled vinyl. These will look cool, so be sure to pre-order. We’ll be applying the doubter tax of $10/subscription starting on 1 July or whenever the first two 7″ ship (whichever date is later). You have been warned! But you also like colored vinyl and like being the first to hear such 7″…

I’ve made a few updates to the Unwed Sailor tour in June and to the Yndi Halda dates in Asia for late July/early August.
I was at the sold out Unwed Sailor/Murder by Death show at Schuba’s last night. It’s always great to be able to see Unwed Sailor play and the set was really tight. I think the dates in June should be pretty impressive. The band is making plans for more touring throughout the rest of the summer and the fall, as well as plans to finish recording Little Wars. I’m excited to see them again in Philadelphia on 9 June with Rosetta and Soporus.
Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ test pressings are en route to subscribers. The Commissioner has done his good work, as always.
Byul is working to finish up the recording to their upcoming release and will be starting to design the packaging soon.

Yndi Halda have a couple of videos up now. There’s one from their European tour here and an edit of the first half of “Dash and Blast” here.
I got to see a few friends play shows here in Chicago, the Wiitala Brothers and my friend Sarah visiting from Copenhagen on Saturday and the Hortons and the Coff on Sunday. I’ll be at Unwed Sailor at Schuba’s on Wednesday when they play with Murder By Death. I’ll also be eating more than my share of sausages at Hot Doug’s.
If all goes well, test pressings for the first four Starflyer 59 7″ should be arriving today and then going out to all of the test pressing set subscribers. The Commissioner is taking over the role of mail order hero in my absence.

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