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We have covers ready for the first 2 7″ in the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future series. The vinyl is supposed to be arriving later this week or early next. Chris, Will, and Matt at HYMY Industries really did a great job mixing special metallic ink for one of the silkscreen covers and using some really nice old wood typeface for the letterpressing. Apparently they blazed through the silkscreen process and did all 10 covers at once.
New stampers have arrived at the plant for mewithoutyou’s brother, sister. New test pressings should arrive in the next day or two. We’re hoping all is well because we’re in line for the color vinyl press.

The test pressings for the second 2 7″ in the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future box set, so we’re definitely set to be on time for the first two 7″ shipments to all of the subscribers.
On Saturday, if you’re in the Philadelphia area, come out to see Unwed Sailor and Soporus buy zocor online with Rosetta (Translation Loss and Level Plane Records). I’m setting up the show at 2007 Frankford Ave in the Fishtown area above Circle Thrift. Hope to see you there. It’s been a long time since Unwed Sailor has rocked these parts and it should be a great show.

Good news, the first 2 7″ for the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ box set sound great. They accidentally put side d on the back of a and b on the back of c for the test pressings. I’m trying to get them to do another batch so test pressing subscribers actually have these things the right way as they were intended to be heard. The factory is good about fixing their mistakes. Right now, the plan is for the first seven inch to be a sort of bluish marbled vinyl and the second seven inch to be a sort of greenish marbled vinyl. These will look cool, so be sure to pre-order. We’ll be applying the doubter tax of $10/subscription starting on 1 July or whenever the first two 7″ ship (whichever date is later). You have been warned! But you also like colored vinyl and like being the first to hear such 7″…

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