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Mara e-mailed me the link to this story about Bosque Brown in the Dallas Observer from earlier in the month.
Test pressings for the LP version of The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore have arrived. LP jackets and a new batch of cds to support touring and fill orders will be arriving in a week or so, if all goes well.
I’m off to Chicago for a week or so tomorrow, but all mail orders should be caught up and will resume when I return.

M83 was in full effect on Saturday night with their loud guitars and keyboards, sounding great in front of a fairly small crowd. Props to Sean for the hook-up. Gockley was in town for the weekend, showed up at the end of the show, and Mike and I helped showed off our fair city that has changed so much since she left 5 years ago for a windier one. I caught another film at the Philadelphia Film Festival, a Korean film called Woman is the Future of Man. My houseguests have been way ahead of my pace seeing 4 or 5 movies a day, but they have super important all access passes. Last night, we followed up with some DVD watching. Viva the American Astronaut!
Jurado is Thursday at the Khyber and the new album has been on my heavy rotation, along with Joanna Newsom and Bosque Brown (who says I can’t listen to records I put out?). Hey, I’ve had this link for a while, but I know some others out there will appreciate this. Go download some Dylan/Cash collaborations, they are amazing! “Girl from the North Country” is just incredible, eh Stone?
Starflyer 59 test pressings sound great and production will be underway momentarily. Redd hott vinyl, literally. They are touring the US in May and will have vinyl with them if it kills me and the post office.

The test pressings for Starflyer’s Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice have arrived and are good. Should be about 2 weeks for the actual vinyl to get pressed.

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