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I’m back from a short trip to North Carolina and got to meet up with Greg from Redeye, the distributor who carries the btv releases. We meet up at the Mill Creek, a very nice Belgian styled pub.
The btv compound entry way is stacked high with LP jackets for the Bosque Brown, Efterklang, and Unwed Sailor vinyl releases and the actual June Panic vinyl. We’ve had some problems with the test pressings for Bosque Brown and Efterklang, so will have to push their release off a bit. But we’re definitely gearing up for a heavy vinyl push this autumn.

Test pressings for June Panic’s Raising the Canopy Wires one-sided LPs arrived yesterday. They were sounding and looking great. I’m expecting test pressings for other one-sided LPs this week.
East Coast, get ready for Saxon Shore. See you at the Philadelpiha and NYC shows on Friday and Saturday.
For all of the Andy Bruntel fans out there in btvland, he’s just finished a video for a new Bonnie Prince Billy song and it features some falconry.

I have test pressings for The White Ox version prior to some adjustments. New plates are being made as soon as the final master is done. Unwed Sailor are still rolling around on tour. See them, see them.
A Lily’s Wake:Sleep came out last week on Dynamophone Records and I’m trying to get some to sell through the online store. Dynamophone has a downloadable mini compilation if you want to hear some of their stuff.

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