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Starflyer 59 Test Pressings

Test pressings for Starflyer 59’s The Changing of the Guard album will go on sale this Wednesday, 16 June at 9pm EDT. This will be limited to the first 25 purchasers and will cost $30.59. The Changing of the Guard will be an LP and a 7″ with two bonus tracks in a deluxe, thick gatefold jacket, similar to those used for Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars, Bosque Brown’s Baby, and mewithoutyou’s It’s All Crazy. The vinyl will likely ship prior to the artwork. Additionally, final production copies of The Changing of the Guard will be on colored vinyl and the test pressings are anticipated to be on the same colored vinyl if everything goes properly at the factory. The official release date of the album is Tuesday, 10 August, so test pressing purchasers will be able to hear the album in advance of the official release.

Pre-orders of the actual release will also begin this Wednesday. Additionally, two 7″ in the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ box set series were incorrectly pressed on white vinyl. We have a bunch of them. We’ll sell them to you as a $6.59 pair until they’re gone (without artwork since the excellent folks at HYMY Industries did not press enough extras to cover the mis-pressing).

Test pressings of Steven R. Smith’s long-awaited (and long-promised) one-sided LP, Floor of the Sky, will be on sale shortly. The etching effort is underway…

Also, I’m excited to announce that btv and our good friends at Immune Recordings will be co-releasing a vinyl pressing of Damien Jurado’s 1999 classic Rehearsals for Departure on vinyl. It will be in a deluxe gatefold jacket on 180g vinyl with an expanded booklet and bonus tracks. It’s probably going to be out in early 2011, but more details will be made at a later date. In the meantime, be sure to pick up Saint Bartlett and catch Damien on tour.


Starflyer 59 : The Changing of the Guard LP

btv will be releasing the vinyl version of Starflyer 59’s forthcoming album, The Changing of the Guard. It will be in a thick old-school tip-on style gatefold jacket with a bonus 7″. The mastering is wrapping up shortly and once everything has been shipped off to the plant, pre-orders will begin. The official release date for the cd is 10 August and the vinyl will be shipping to arrive in time.

The artwork for steven r. smith’s one-sided LP, floor of the sky, is complete and on its way to the printer. Our good friend Tim is lined up for the etching, so everything is moving along.  Pre-orders will commence shortly. Our friend Erik has released the most recent steven r. smith album, cities, on his label Immune Recordings. You can get the LP with download coupon directly from Immune or the btv store.

For everyone awaiting Erik Enocksson’s Farval Falkenberg, the jacket design has been completed and is just awaiting final approvals before being sent to the printer. Pre-orders for this LP will begin once the jackets are being printed.


Happy New Year!

Thanks for your support during 2008. It’s been a very busy year for us. Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars was released in the Spring and toured several times in the US and recently in Europe in support. We were also happy to release Denison Witmer’s Carry the Weight and Starflyer 59’s Dial M on vinyl. We were very relieved to wrap up the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ series after a lot of hard work coordinating production, assembling 7″, and mailing out so many small boxes. We’re also very excited about Soporus’ first full-length 24,110 arriving just in time for a quiet winter season. 2008 saw the completion of Bosque Brown’s Baby album and great progress in our Byul full-length release. Before the end of the year, we sent off Baby to be mastered to vinyl along with Erik Enocksson’s Farväl Falkenberg soundtrack.

For 2009, we’re looking forward to releases from Bosque Brown, Byul, Erik Enocksson, Birchville Cat Motel, Steven R. Smith, and Half-handed Cloud.

For those interested in year end lists, Matt Stone (Soporus, Saxon Shore) and I wrote some quick lists for our friends at Tangzine: here and here. Feel free to read and make fun of us. Incidentally, our old friends Christian Wargo (ex-Scientific) and Josh Tillman (ex-Saxon Shore) are in Fleet Foxes who had their Sun Giantep and self-titled full-length selected as Pitchfork’s top release of 2008. We’re more than happy to sell you copies of their earlier releases.

Wishing you the best for 2009…


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