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I am back from Singapore, got back in time for Matthew and Carrie’s shared birthday party, but was a little jet lagged or just plain tired. Happy Birthday to both of you again. A few of us have decided to do the ultimate in music geekiness and start a record listening club. The idea is similar to book reading and discussion groups, but involves listening to historically relevant musicians and discussing. Our first subject is Brian Eno and our first discussion involves the significance of his ambient works. We’ll see how long we last, but it should at least be a fun experiment. We’ll at least be able to mooch off of Adam’s subscription to The Wire.
I’m trying to finish off all of the details for the next three btv releases: Bosque Brown Plays Mara Lee Miller (btv064), Saxon Shore : Be a Bright Blue (btv065), and Saxon Shore : Luck Will Not Save Us from a Jackpot of Nothing (btv066). We have some vinyl getting ready for completion, Starflyer 59’s Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice. We should have it ready by mid to late March, I hope, a little bit before the cd version is available.

I’m getting ready to go to Singapore for a couple of weeks, but a lot is happening in the meantime. Saxon Shore has finished mixing their forthcoming ep Luck Will Not Save Us From a Jackpot of Nothing and it will be mastered on 10 January. The plan is to include some bonus video footage and make it a multimedia release. They’re gearing up for some live dates:
28 Jan : Lititz, PA. The Mill with Reels of White Softly Flow
11 Feb : NYC. Bar 169 with Kite Operations.
12 Feb : Binghamton, NY. American Legion Post 80.
13 Feb : Philadelphia. The Fire.
2 Mar : Burlington, VT. Club Metronome.
3 Mar : Fredonia, NY. SUNY Fredonia.
4 Mar : Bronxville, NY. Sarah Lawrence College.
5 Mar : NYC. Pianos with Anathallo.
6 Mar : Fredonia, NY. BJ’s with Anathallo.
7 Mar : Akron, OH. The Lime Spider with Anathallo.
8 Mar : Grand Rapids, MI. Calvin College with Anathallo.
10 Mar : Upland, UN. Taylor University with Anathallo.
11 Mar : St. Louis, MO. Creepy Crawl with Anathallo.
12 Mar : Hernando, MS. Higher Grounds with Anathallo.
13 Mar : Springfield, MO. Randy Bacon Gallery.
1/2 Apr : Harrisonburg, VA. MACRoCk.
Bosque Brown Sings Mara Miller will be back from the cd factory very soon. I’m starting to get nervous and anxious. You’ll be in love with her songs soon.
I have the mastered version of Starflyer 59’s Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice and it will be sent off for lacquer mastering for the LP release.
Mt. Eerie Live in Copenhagen hits stores on 18 January through Secretly Canadian Distribution.
Thanks to everyone who came out to see Reels of White last week. The proceeds from Saturday’s show with Reels and Denison Witmer were donated to the Mennonite Central Committee‘s Tsunami support fund, . If you haven’t contributed to the Tsunami relief effort and are interested, I’d recommend this organization who strive to provide relief and promote justice and peacemaking initiatives worldwide.

The btv compound is getting cleaned up and I’m getting caught up.
The forthcoming Starflyer 59 album is called “Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice.” We’re talking about an extra 7″ with two bonus tracks to accompany the LP release, but no final plans yet.
Denison Witmer is currently recording his full-length for The Militia Group. The vinyl version will be out on Burnt Toast Vinyl once it’s ready. More details when they’re known.
I got a little crazy and ordered a singing saw yesterday. We’ll see what happens with it all. Be sure to see Reels of White this week. Oh yeah, there will be a full-length Reels album on Burnt Toast Vinyl in 2005. Did I mention that before? That’s in addition to the four-way 2xLP split with Reels, Questions in Dialect, The Magic Lanterns, and foxhole.

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