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I spent a lot of time this weekend adapting the artwork for mewithoutyou Brother, Sister LPs and it’s pretty much ready to go. The audio is being mastered to lacquers and plates very soon.
Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars limited edition 2xLP version is being planned to have an additional 7″ ship with the second LP. The band will be working on finishing the last song for the first LP in late April. Once we get a good test pressing, we’ll start taking pre-orders.
There’s a review up for The Magic Lantern at the Silent Ballet.
I’ve just added some releases from Sweden’s TenderVersion Recordings to the online store from Audrey, Once We Were, and Scraps of Tape.
We’ve sold the first 100 Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ subscriptions. So, that means that additional pre-orders will be guaranteed colored vinyl, but won’t get an autographed insert. We’re taking pre-orders until the first shipment date which will be at the beginning of July. The songs for the first 4 7″ are nearing completion, so we’re on track to have everything ready.

James from Yndi Halda is coming to the US tonight for a short visit and American football lessons. Little does he know that all the commissioner does these days is watch English football.
LMNOP has a nice review of Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss up now and it’s also up on babysue.
In a move that may be shocking to some of our instrumental fans, Burnt Toast Vinyl will be issuing the vinyl for mewithoutYou’s Brother, Sister. They’re everyone’s favorite leftist, biodiesel bus-driving freegans and all around great guys. I’ve been friends with members of the band for years, ever since some of them played in earlier btv bands. They’ve also taken Unwed Sailor out on tour. Brother, Sister is one of my favorite records of 2006 and I’m very proud to be able to give it a proper release on vinyl. This is a beautiful album and features notable contributions from members of Anathallo and psalters, as well as Jeremy Enigk and Nashville harpist Timbre. Production was done by Brad Wood who also worked on albums for Codeine, Seam, Sunny Day Real Estate, Liz Phair, Hum, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Sea and Cake. The vinyl should be ready in about 2-3 months.

Update regarding Unwed Sailor’s tour from the band:
I’m very sorry to say this, but due to personal circumstances beyond anyone’s control Unwed Sailor has been forced to cancel their entire tour. The reasons are far complicated and I don’t even know half of it, but certain members of the band were at the last minute unable to be a part of this tour. Due to loss of these members, there is absolutely no way Johnathon or the rest of the guys can continue this tour.
There is nothing Johnathon and the rest of the guys wanted more than to be out there playing these shows. We were expecting these to be some of the best shows to date as the band just finished successful tours with Murder By Death, Appleseed Cast and MeWithoutYou. The response to this tour so far has been amazing and the amount of press and promotion that went into the tour by the band, their label, you guys has been very strong.
The band promises to move on and get back on their feet as soon as possible and re-schedule these dates in the next couple of months.
Thank you for understanding.
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