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The Trouble with Sweeney : I Know You Destroy! has made it onto a couple of Amplifier magazine music critics’ top 10 lists, a writer from the Philadelphia Weekly’s top 10, and in top local albums for the Philadelphia City Paper. More support for the theory that this is one amazing record.
I’m off to DC tonight to visit Randall from Jetenderpaul. We will be partying down.

Just got a new song from Jetenderpaul. Those midwestern indie rockers are still at it with home recordings. It sounds great and hopefully more will be coming soon.
I just got the wireless internet going. Now I can surf all over the place without ethernet cables. I’m one happy little geek. These little hubs are going cheap. Geek yerself out.
Last night, Tom, Steph, and I went to go see Mike, Tom, Yuri, and sometimes Neil rock it out. Good to see you guys again. The summer of 1995 is a long ways away.

A special congratulations to Dr. Randall Stephens of Jetenderpaul. He successfully defended his doctorate thesis at University of Florida. This only goes to prove that jtp is one of the most intelligent bands in all of indie rock.

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