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Everyone has left my house after a busy few days. I had everyone making LPs for me on Monday to help me get caught up on distribution. Redeye is going to distribute several LPs with the first batch hitting on 16 May. Starflyer 59’s Portugues Blues one-sided LP and Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice LP, Ester Drang’s Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes, and The Six Parts Seven Attitudes of Collapse will all be out then. This will be the first time to get those Starflyer vinyl releases in a record store near you.
Soporus has just created a myspace page that features 3 songs, 2 of which can be downloaded. They will be one of the bands on the 4 way 2xLP split release.
Johnathon Ford is coming to Philadelphia tomorrow as part of Rosie Thomas’ band who are playing at World Cafe Live. Maybe I’ll see you there.
I’m helping put on a show with Half-Handed Cloud (Asthmatic Kitty/Sounds Familyre), Vollmar (BlueSanct), and Lenny Smith (Sounds Familyre) above Circle Thrift at 2007 Frankford Ave in Philadelphia this Saturday. Come on out for some fun.

I was up super super early to drive Saxon Shore to the airport. They’ll be in Japan in a few hours, ready to rock. I’ve got their van for the week if any one wants to go out joyriding. Just shoot me an e-mail.
Looks like Adam will be setting up a Half-Handed Cloud/Vollmar show in Philadelphia on 15 April for all of you locals. John is one of our heroes. Well, Adam is, too…
They’re closing Silk City. It’s a tragedy…

High fives to Krister for getting me a copy of the Damien Jurado/Dolorean split 7″ available on their European tour. Big props for introducing me to Red Sparowes.
I’m working the orders to get everything out quick in time for the holidays. I’ve added a Priority Mail option as well as a few new titles including Sufjan’s Illinois LPs, Half-Handed Cloud’s new 7″, a live Starflyer 59 cd, the new Mt. Eerie LP+CD, and the new Thanksgiving 3xLP.

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