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Thanks to Mike for the text message to tell me about The Appleseed Cast show at the Unitarian. Brit and I dropped everything to meet up with Mike, Jeff, and Christina. It’s a shame you weren’t with us Willi$. I was trying to remember when Willi$ and I saw them play in Philadelphia. It must have been 1998 or 1999 in the fall back in the Unitarian basement. We are old men. Ha ha!
Anyhow, tonight! don’t forget!! lenny smith!!! vollmar!!!! half-handed cloud!!!!! above circle thrift, 2007 frankford ave, 8pm, $6. Mike’s running sound and I’ll be there for sure.

I went with Matt and Ben to see Rosie Thomas play last night at World Cafe. Johnathon from Unwed Sailor is on tour as Rosie’s bassist, so we got to hang out before, during, and after the show. I’m running a little low on sleep, but will try to get caught up tonight because tomorrow, I’m helping put on a show with Half-Handed Cloud, Vollmar, and Lenny Smith. It starts at 8 above Circle Thrift, 2007 Frankford Ave. in Philadelphia. See you there!
Crap! I just got an e-mail saying that a bunch of Rosie’s stuff was stolen last night in Philadelphia. Go home town! If you see this stuff, spread the word back to me or Rosie or Denison or anyone in the band:
1) Takamine cutaway acoustic guitar normal looking brown w/ black pick guard electronics cut into the top of the guitar. The inner storage area of the case had a purple handmade bracelet in it. There were also notes in the case under the guitar. Case was black with fragile stickers all over it.
2) Boss tuner pedal
1) Fender P-Bass – 1975-78 – Brown Body, Black Pick Guard: one piece of pick guard is broken close to input jack and covered with red electrical tape. It has one black tuning peg on the D string… the rest are silver. The back of the neck is messed up a bit It has faded wear marks on the front of the bass. The back of body has a few chunks taken out of it. The case has holes in it and it has 2 stickers: one says John Ford, the other is a Thrasher skateboard sticker. Bottom latch of case is broken.
2) Ernie ball volume pedal (bottom, top right hand base peg is gone)
3) Boss compression sustain pedal
4) Boss chromatic tuner
5) Ampeg Rocket Bass Amp
1) Black Fender ’72 deluxe tele re-issue one hum-bucker on front position Replaced custom bridges in a black hard-shell case covered in Ryan air and fragile stickers on all sides black ernie ball guitar strap on it.
2) Custom black felt flight case pedal board
with the following pedals:
- morely a/b/y switch pedal
- boss tuner
- morely alligator volume pedal
- minitone top boost in a can overdrive pedal (RED)
- boss digital delay / reverb pedal (grey)
- line 6 delay unit pedal (green)
- Voodoo labs pedal power
- power supply
3)Korg micro control midi control keyboard
1) Yamaha P-120 Keyboard Stage Piano it is dark brown with black trimming. Black soft case / perfect fit
1) Martin Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar/ LR baggs deluxe EQ preamp on the top in soft case. There is a Fishman soundhole pickup in the case as well.
2) Fender blues jr. relic amp (tweed)
3) Fender pro junior amp (silver and black)
4) midi man oxygen 8 keyboard
5) 3rd generation 30 gig ipod

Everyone has left my house after a busy few days. I had everyone making LPs for me on Monday to help me get caught up on distribution. Redeye is going to distribute several LPs with the first batch hitting on 16 May. Starflyer 59′s Portugues Blues one-sided LP and Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice LP, Ester Drang’s Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes, and The Six Parts Seven Attitudes of Collapse will all be out then. This will be the first time to get those Starflyer vinyl releases in a record store near you.
Soporus has just created a myspace page that features 3 songs, 2 of which can be downloaded. They will be one of the bands on the 4 way 2xLP split release.
Johnathon Ford is coming to Philadelphia tomorrow as part of Rosie Thomas’ band who are playing at World Cafe Live. Maybe I’ll see you there.
I’m helping put on a show with Half-Handed Cloud (Asthmatic Kitty/Sounds Familyre), Vollmar (BlueSanct), and Lenny Smith (Sounds Familyre) above Circle Thrift at 2007 Frankford Ave in Philadelphia this Saturday. Come on out for some fun.