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A special last-minute show has been added for Unwed Sailor and Sybris in Baltimore TONIGHT! at The Ottobar. You need to go if you are in the area. Mike S. from Soporus will be there.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the Philadelphia show on Friday night at the Northstar. It was one of the noisiest Unwed Sailor sets I’d seen in a while and great to see them bringing the rock. Thanks to everyone who came out to the NYC show on Saturday at Piano’s. The set was equally good, but a bit less noisy. It was a special surprise to see my good friend Jan-Erik visiting from Copenhagen. I also helped myself to some deliciousness from the Doughnut Plant which just a few short blocks away. Mango and Raspberry were the special flavors of the week. It was a long night in NYC and we were happy to escape, leaving Brooklyn in our wake after watching the sunrise from an apartment rooftop. Bob Dylan and The Band were playing our soundtrack as we crossed the Verrazano Bridge in early morning. It’s been great meeting the guys and girl from Sybris and they bring the noisy rock in a sort of Sonic Youth inspired way with more powerful vocals. I’ll be seeing the show in Chicago this Saturday if all goes well.
From our good friend John of Half-Handed Cloud: “I’m in London England, getting ready for a performance here this Thursday (June 26th) in the basement of The Foundry in collaboration with the Henningham Family Press–independent book-art printers. I’ll be leading brand new Half-handed Cloud sing-a-long songs while dressed in a way that suggests a bird beak as a record needle and standing upon a giant spinning 12-foot turntable. The Henningham Family Press will also be doing some live printmaking. Those in the UK, see if you can come to this FREE event: Thu. June 26th: London, UK, The Foundry (86 Great Eastern St.) FREE 7:30pm” This performance is to feature songs that are to be included on a forthcoming Half-Handed Cloud one-sided LP.

Foxhole are starting their week long tour tonight. Be sure to see them play.
Our good friends Half-Handed Cloud are playing in Philadelphia on Sunday at 9pm with Lake above Circle Thrift at 2007 Frankford in Philadelphia.
I’m going to see Stars of the Lid play on Saturday at St. Mary’s Church on the U Penn campus. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen was Stars of the Lid in Copenhagen in 2003.
Monday, Ethan, Al, and I are going to see Earth with Birds of Maya and Kayo Dot at Johnny Brenda’s. Lots of live shows happening in Philadelphia.

James from Yndi Halda has a side project called A Lily. His first release wake:sleep will be out on Dynamophone Records in June. It’s over an hour of ambient guitar and electronics, a very beautiful record. I’ll try to have copies available from the online store as soon as they are available.
Thanks to everyone who came to see Half-Handed Cloud, Vollmar, and Lenny Smith on Saturday. I had a lot of fun hanging out, especially when John, Justin, and I were aimlessly cruising around Northern Liberties looking for a tacqueria. After a couple of phone calls and stopping to ask a few people for directions, we eventually had some really amazing food. John has a tour only Half-Handed Cloud ep available, so be sure to get that when he plays in a town near you.