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My parents arrived for a visit last night as Saxon Shore was practicing in the attic for their trip to Taiwan. The Saxons left this morning. Jason from Foxhole is going to be their drummer for the trip. That’s a good segue for the next bit of news…
Foxhole is the newest band on the btv roster. We are working on all of the details, but their cdep Push/Pull will be out in January to retail stores as one of the four cdeps and they will have a side of the four band 2xLP that should be ready shortly. Their debut full-length album We the Wintering Tree is one of my favorite albums in the last couple of years. Our tentative plans include re-issuing this and issuing it on vinyl.
There will be one more new band announcement shortly…I just received a package from South Korea if that’s a clue at all.
Unwed Sailor is preparing for the autumn US tour. If you are located in or near one of the cities on their itinerary, contact us here at Burnt Toast Vinyl or the band directly through their myspace page to become a part of their street team to hang posters in exchange for free admission to the show (with a friend).

I think we’re going to have some news to announce about a new artist on our label in the next couple of days…so that’s exciting.
Unwed Sailor The White Ox will be available in stores this Tuesday, 17 October. So, order away. All orders placed through the online store have shipped and will continue to be shipped if you’d prefer to order directly.
We also have a release of 9 January 2007 for the four instrumental cdeps: Foxhole Push/Pull, The Magic Lantern s/t, Soporus At

Foxhole’s Push/Pull is reviewed on The Silent Ballet here.
I updated the online catalog to add the A Lily cd which is James from Yndi Halda’s ambient side-project and highly recommended. I also added new releases from Damien Jurado, Woven Hand, and the Mono/World’s End Girlfriend split. Take a look and order away.

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