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We have news that the Unwed Sailor White Ox and Isolation Years Snoose Boulevard LPs are shipping from the plant and will be arriving later in the week. We’ll be sending out pre-orders as soon as possible for the Unwed Sailor Circles/White Ox 2xLP and Isolation Years LPs. Yndi Halda should be right behind these. The vinyl for the Foxhole/The Magic Lantern/Soporus/Questions in Dialect 2xLP will be arriving as well, but we’re still wrapping up the printing for the special covers that are going to be silkscreened and letterpressed. You will not be disappointed.

I just got confirmation that Unwed Sailor The White Ox LPs and Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss LPs will be shipping from the plant early next week. Pre-orders will ship immediately! I know it’s been a long wait, but it will be worth it. The LPs for the Foxhole/The Magic Lantern/Soporus/Questions in Dialect 2xLP will be shipping very soon, as well, but the covers aren’t ready.
Also, we finally have a good test pressing for Aspera’s Back When Love one-sided LP. You know, the long delayed release that took so long that the band broke up and formed two separate new bands, Blood Feathers and Favourite Sons? Yeah, that record. It has some super amazing cover artwork. Shipping very soon!
Johnathon is going to be mixing the fourth song for Little Wars A side in April. Once we get a good test pressing for it, I’ll add details about ordering the limited edition 2xLP sets. If all goes well, “Copper Islands” will finally be released on LP this summer!
We’re fans of Sweden’s TenderVision Records and will be putting some of their releases up for sale in the btv online shop shortly, including the awesome new releases from Audrey and Scraps of Tape and the forthcoming Once We Were.

Unwed Sailor starts a short tour tomorrow night through the southern US. Get out and see them.
I’ve finished up the LP label designs for the Foxhole/The Magic Lantern/Soporus/Questions in Dialect 2xLPs. When Willi$ gets back from Sundance, he’s going to start work on the silkscreen and letterpress designs. This is going to have a super deluxe special package.
LP jacket printing for Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss is finally underway and LP label designs are also finished. We should be getting these ready to ship in the next 2-3 weeks.
We’re starting to plan the re-issue for Foxhole’s We the Wintering Tree and working out the packaging design for the cds and LPs.
Today in stores…Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss cd, Bosque Brown Cerro Verde LP with cd, and Efterklang one-sided LP along with Foxhole Push/Pull, The Magic Lantern, Soporus At

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