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Congratulations to my friends Alex and April who just got engaged while April was visiting in London.
The Trouble with Sweeney will be playing a show this Thursday at La Tazza, 108 Chestnut St in Philadelphia, at 10pm or so. Reels of White Softly Flow will be playing 7 February at Reset Art on Camac Street in Philadelphia, after their First Friday gallery show. Starflyer59 will be playing a special acoustic matinee show at Reset Art on 22 February, somewhere in the noon to 3pm timeframe. Unwed Sailor and Ester Drang will be in Philadelphia on 19 March.

Things are now going pretty full swing for 2003. There is lots of activity with one-sided LPs. The artwork for The Six Parts Seven LP is completed and we’re going to start the printing soon. Kind of Like Spitting are still working on their Phil Ochs covers. Ben says that he and David are going to record with Ari from the All Girl Summer Fun Band on her 8-track. Dan Smith and Starflyer 59 are both itching to begin the recording of their LPs.
I visited The Trouble with Sweeney at Miner St. studios with Producer Brian McTear. They were in the throws of mixing and tweaking when I arrived. Brian was working some serious magic on the recording of “Snitch.” The plans are to have everything completed and mastered on 13 January.
Ester Drang have finished their recording. I haven’t heard Infinite Keys, yet, but plans are for Burnt Toast Vinyl to release the vinyl version on 1 April. The cd version will be on Jade Tree.
Plans are underway to release Honey for Petzi’s soundtrack to Angel’s Camp in the US this May. Honey for Petzi are from Switzerland and their first full-length, Heal All Monsters, was recorded with Steve Albini and released in Europe on Gentlemen Records. It’s available in the on-line store from us. More news on that once it is ready.

I’m finally back from my travels. I was home for about a day, then went to my parents’ house in Indiana. There was snow on Christmas Eve, about 9″, so it was a nice and white for that week. I finally visited the James Dean Museum and gravesite in Fairmount, IN, a few miles from my hometown. It wasn’t as inspirational for me as it was for, say, Morissey, but it was a worthwhile experience.
The Trouble with Sweeney are mixing their sophomore full-length at the moment. I’m going to visit tomorrow and will give a full report.
The artwork for the Unwed Sailor album is nearly complete. Jamie Hunt showed us some mock layouts that he created with handmade characters. He’s really into it. The audio is ready for the cd and hopefully ready for the vinyl. Johnathon is setting up a tour for Unwed Sailor and Ester Drang in the US this March.
Denison is back from much touring. I finally saw him on New Year’s Eve for the first time in almost 4 months. Time really does fly. He’s going to be going to the UK in February for some dates. Once they are finalized, I’ll put them on the site.
AM/FM has resumed work on their one-sided LP, with their audio nearing completion. More details when they’re available. The cover art has been done for many months, as well as the drawing for the sketch.
Matthew Stone is now the mailorder person, so when you get an order, it’s most likely been sent by his hands, rather than mine.
Also, for 2003, I’m hoping to have some other folks do some posts on the btv site. We’ll see how that pans out.
By the way, I’ve been told that the Unwed Sailor 7″ are on their way from Switzerland. So, hopefully, those of you who have placed many orders for the Magic Hedge and the split with Toboggan will be receiving your 7″.
Happy New Year,

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