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Some bad news…Ester Drang were in an accident while on tour. Apparently, a car rear-ended their van/trailer, the trailer came off, and then a semi smashed the trailer. Quite a few things have been damaged or destroyed. I don’t have all of the details, but this is what Johnathon from Unwed Sailor relayed to me. They are definitely in need of your support on their tour.
Denison opened up for Cat Power on Friday night, playing a few songs with Scott French and Steve Yutzy on drums/guitar. Chan Marshall was solo and played a few songs on guitar and piano before I left. Willis told me that I missed her calling a girl out of the audience to play guitar while she sang a few songs, a pretty incredible/freak out part of the show. I was on my way to the Baltimore airport to pick up Jess. Saturday, the van was packed for a visit to the Stone family ranch where Reels of White and Saxon Shore rocked out in the garage during a little sausage cookout. Thanks to everyone who came out for the rokk. Huge props to Matthew who found me an autographed Cash autobiography in Lebanon. I have to brag about having this hott rokk memorabilia.
Wednesday is the big night for the btv/fanatic CMJ showcase in NYC. Be sure to come out in support. Say hello, we’d all love to meet you.

I’m in the Chiangi airport in Singapore, surfing wireless, preparing to get back to the U.S.A. It’s been a long time coming. Goodbye to Justin and Sanna and all at work, including Jim who is a faithful update reader.
I’m making a mad dash to get The Six Parts Seven one-sided LP ready for their Oct tour. Did I mention how hott this record is? I did, probably, many months ago. But, it is hott and you will love it. Some mastering/plating issues that we’re taking care of, but it will be worth the wait, well worth the wait. Starflyer 59 vinyl covers have been painted by our pal Jesse and the etching work is underway. The Ester Drang one-sided LP is also coming along, former member David Motter is designing the jackets. Stephen Drozd from the Flaming Lips plays on one of the tracks.
Here’s a taste of autumn dates with The Trouble with Sweeney:
Sept 26 | Swarthmore, PA | The Old Club, Swarthmore College w/ The Wrens
Oct 1 | State College, PA | The Roustabout
Oct 2 | Philadelphia, PA | The Khyber w/ Che Arthur (ex-Atombombpocketknife)
Oct 3 | New Haven, CT | The Space
Oct 4 | Brooklyn, NY | Magnetic Field
Oct 22 | New York, NY | CMJ Show @ CB’s Gallery: BTV/Fanatic Night w/ Denison Witmer, Saxon Shore, and Sufjan Stevens
Oct 24 | Philadelphia, PA | Theatre of the Living Arts w/ My Morning Jacket
Here are some Saxon Shore dates to tease/tempt you:
October 22 New York, NY @ CBGB w/ Denison Witmer, The Trouble With Sweeney,
Sufjun Stevens
October 23 Fredonia, NY @ SUNY Fredonia
October 26 Arlington, VA @ The Galaxy Hut w/ The Cassettes
October 28 Greensboro, NC @ Gate City Nosie w/ Iron and Wine, Timonium
October 29 Tallahassee, FL @ The Beta Bar
October 30 Orlando, FL @ Wills Pub
November 2 Springfield, MO @ Billiards Blue Room
November 4 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
November 6 Minneapolis, MN @ The Dinkytowner
November 7 Madison, WI @ The Catacombs w/ Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas
November 8 Traverse City, MI @ The well
November 9 East Lansing, MI @ Club 547
November 10 Upland, IN @ Taylor University w/ Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas
November 11 Chicago, Il @ Schubas
November 12 Grand Rapids, MI @ Calvin College w/ Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas
November 13 Columbus, OH @ Bernies w/ Goner
November 14 Alfred, NY @ Alfred University w/ Saturday Looks Good to Me
November 17 Burlington, VT @ CLub Metronome w/ Heavenly States
November 19 Harrisonburg, VA @ Court Square Theatre
November 21 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Quiet Storm w/ This side of eve
November 22 Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
I’m chatting a lot to get the recording dates set for Bosque Brown and it’s looking more like December. Hoping for a Spring 2004 release for her record and Eric Fisher/Damien Jurado will be at the recording helm. Hoping to get the cover art for Damien’s This Fabulous Century before Eric goes on tour with Rosie Thomas. Maybe this LP only release will surface in late 2003…
As El said, the monkey has left the daycare?
California, here I come…

All American Radio are coming to visit today. They’re planning some touring in March and later in the summer. We’re going to talk about promotion and finish the artwork to Fragments Of so we can actually get the cd released.
The Friday night show was an excellent time in support of Matt Ralph and tangzine. The singer for Kimone played acoustic as the headliner. Reels of White also played with Denison joining. Our good friend Sarah also played and some other folks. Matt’s mom made cake. What more can you want?
I helped my friends Scott and Jane moved into their new house in west Philadelphia yesterday. They seem to be enjoying the new place.
I’m going to be leaving on Thursday to go to France for a week and Southeast Asia for a couple of weeks again. I’ll be stopping in Amsterdam to see my good friends there, so I’m excited. There are tentative plans for a short trip to Laos with my friends Justin and Sanna. Matthew is going to be in charge of the mailorder.
Willis is voting to get some Segways for the btv warehouse. It just shows he doesn’t have to pay the bills. I did get him interested in the Lung discography. Slowly, the numbers of the converted will increase.
I received copies of the Gentlemen Records edition of Ester Drang : Goldenwest. This is now out and available in Europe.

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