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Happy New Year!
The third shipment of the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ box set has been sent to all subscribers. These should be arriving shortly. I’ve gotten a few e-mails so far asking, but this shipment should have 2 7″ (numbers 5 and 8) and the box. It was supposed to have 3 7″, but due to a pressing schedule error, the 3rd 7″ was bumped from the schedule and scheduled to run after the plant’s holiday shutdown. I started to ship what was available prior to the holidays. The final shipment will have the remaining 4 7″ and special inserts. It should be going out in early February in time for Valentine’s Day. Again, the first 100 subscribers will be getting autographed inserts and we haven’t forgotten the promise.
Promotion is under way for Foxhole We the Wintering Tree. The cd has a retail release date of 4 March and is available in the online store. This is one of our favorite instrumental full-lengths.
Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars is at the factory being pressed. The retail release date for the cd will be 18 March and the LP will follow soon after. We’re expecting vinyl test pressings shortly.
Emperor X The Blythe Archives Volume 1 one-sided LP has arrived from the factory and tour/pre-orders have been shipped.

We’re done shipping orders in time for Christmas. Thanks for all of your support this season and during 2007.
It’s been a bit of crazy week trying to stay on top of a lot of orders, getting out all of the Starflyer posters and shirts. On Sunday night, I was assisting Will from HYMY Industries while he wrapped up the screen printing for the special batch of Starflyer shirts. These are ultra limited, an edition of 2 dozen shirts. They were printed with the same hand-mixed metallic red and pearl white inks that were used for the 7″ covers. We’ve taken care to print the smaller sized shirts on organic cotton American Apparel shirts and the larger sizes on special deluxe heavyweight soft cotton shirts. There are a few left from the original printing in all sizes…
We received 2 more Starflyer 7″ and began to ship them. For some reason, the 3rd 7″ that was planned got bumped from the pressing schedule until after the holidays. So, I went ahead and started to ship out the next series of 2 7″ with the wooden box. Those special holiday subscribers are receiving the first 6 7″ in the series with the wooden box.
We’re received reference lacquers for Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars LPs. Everything is lining up for the 18 March 2008 retail release date.
Emperor X The Blythe Archives Volume One one-sided LP have shipped from the factory. All pre-orders, including those who ordered from Chad directly on tour, will go out on 31 December.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Emperor X tonight, Philadelphia!!
I’ve been upgrading the journal software on the server and am hoping to be able to add RSS feed functionality soon…I’ll make a post and add subscription archives when this is available. Then you’ll be able to get automatic feeds of the rambling btv news. I’ve really been won over by the RSS feed reading function of the new version of Safari and want to deliver this ability to everyone.

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