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I’ve made some updates to the Unwed Sailor tour plans in late May/June with Sybris, a few more dates have been filled in. They’ll be doing quite a few West Coast dates for the first time in a long while. Pop Matters has a nice review up of Little Wars. There’s a little show recap from the NYC Knitting Factory show at Loose Record. Another review is up at The Silent Ballet and one more at Beatbots.
Foxhole hit the road starting on Friday for a week with Interstates. This is a special treat and hopefully the start of more live performances.
Yndi Halda are planning to be in the US this August for a two week tour. We’re beginning the official plans now.
The colored vinyl final installments of Starflyer 59’s Ghosts of the Future 7″ box set are on their way. Most of the black vinyl final installments are on their way as well and the remaining ones will go out today or tomorrow. I try to send out all of the orders by priority based on subscription date and these things do take quite a while to assemble and mail out.
Steven R. Smith has finished up the audio master for his one-sided LP which will be called Floor of the Sky. Artwork is underway and this should be out before the end of 2008. If you haven’t listened to Smith’s music, you should check out one of his several albums under his own name, as Hala Strana, or as Ulaan Khol.
Our friends in Efterklang are on their way to the US for their first American tour. They start next Tuesday in Denver and will be traveling the country throughout May into early June. I’m looking forward to their performance at the Unitarian church sanctuary here in Philadelphia towards the end of the month. They’ll have copies of their one-sided LP on btv along with their newest full-length, Parades which is one of my favorite releases from 2007.

Unwed Sailor is a featured artist on You can listen to the entire cd version of Little Wars on the site. They’re touring away, too, be sure to go see them play. For Philadelphians, Unwed Sailor will be playing the Unitarian on Sunday, 6 April with Owen and Brooke Waggoner. They’re also in NYC on Thursday, 3 April at the Knitting Factory. Hope to see you at the shows. Meet me at the Doughnut Plant on Thursday…
For Philadelphians, a very special show has been added on 26 May…Efterklang will be playing the Sanctuary of the Unitarian. It’s a must see show! 3 days after a bunch of us are headed to Willamsport to see Rhys Chatham and his 400 guitar army.
Happy Birthday to Mike Stichter!

According to the band…Efterklang : Under Giant Trees is sold out in a bunch places, but we have the cds and LPs in stock, shipping now. By one with your copy of Efkterklang’s One-sided LP.
Philadelphians…come out on Saturday night, 9 June, 8pm above Circle Thrift 2007 Frankford Ave (fishtown area) to see:
Soporus (Burnt Toast Vinyl), guitar/bass ambience from Will and Matthew of Saxon Shore
Unwed Sailor (Burnt Toast Vinyl), super catchy, melodic, and tight instrumental music, a rare Philadelphia appearance while they’re on tour
Rosetta (Translation Loss/Level Plane), very intricate cataclysmic post-hardcore/metal with ambient accompaniment, from Philadelphia
Hope to see you there.
Looks like we have final artwork for the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ now. It’s getting exciting.

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