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More vinyl updates

We’ve entered historical, groundbreaking territory today because have submitted final audio finals for their forthcoming 2xLP. Barring catastrophe, we should have test pressings in a few weeks. We’ve waited years to hear this record and are more excited than words can adequately express.

A crew of us have been working on letterpressing (well, mostly Willi$ with some apprentices) and trimming covers to line up with the arrival of Denison Witmer’s The Ones Who Wait vinyl. We’ll have pre-orders shipping later today and tomorrow. We just missed Denison having copies on his upcoming tour dates, but if you attend in person and buy a vinyl, you can take home the album on cd and the vinyl will be mailed to you after the fact. Or you can just mail order from Denison or btv directly.

John Ringhofer is etching the B side illustration for the Half-Handed Cloud one-sided LP, DOVE. Few people on this planet make us smile as much as John and we’re happy to get out a new batch of his songs.


Vinyl Updates

Denison Witmer’s vinyl for The Ones Who Wait was on the presses at the factory yesterday and should be arriving next week. Last night, Will from HYMY Industries, Denison, and I were hard at work fixing some gatefold jacket issues and getting the inserts letterpressed. Here’s Denison at work on the letterpress machine:

These should be shipping out to pre-orders by the end of next week.

Byul is wrapping up design for their forthcoming album which will be entitled Secret Stories Heard From A Girl In An Opium Den.

I’ve been told that the etching for steven r. smith’s one-sided LP has been sent off to be plated after a five month delay. Here’s hoping for test pressings in the next couple of weeks…

A repress of Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars 2xLP has just been finished so the band will have copies with them for their upcoming tour with Owl City.


Denison Witmer : The Ones Who Wait 2xLP

If you head over to Denison Witmer’s website, you’ll see an announcement for his new album, The Ones Who Wait, due out on Mono Vs. Stereo on 26 April. btv will be issuing the vinyl for this in deluxe thick gatefold jackets (similar to those used for the recent Wovenhand, Starflyer, and mewithoutyou LPs) and it will arrive with a bonus LP, as well as a digital version of the album on cd. The lyrics will also be included on a special letterpress insert.

The Ones Who Wait

The Ones Who Wait

We’ll have pre-orders up in our store shortly…You can hear the track “Hold On” on the Mono Vs. Stereo facebook page.

In other news, we’ve heard a couple of versions of the forthcoming byul album which is being sequenced and mastered. Soon, very soon! We’ve been waiting years for this one and are very excited.


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