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Unwed Sailor Little Wars cds are now for sale in the online store. Unwed Sailor Little Wars 2xLPs are also for sale, but these are pre-orders. I expect the LPs to arrive in about a week and will be sent out to those who pre-order. The 2xLP version is in a thick, deluxe gatefold jacket. It features a bonus LP with 2 additional tacks and a download coupon to get all tracks, including the bonus tracks, as mp3 files. The cd version will be officially released in stores on 18 March and the LP version will be officially released in stores on 29 April.
Unwed Sailor tour dates have been updated. Several dates are with Owen (ex-Joan of Arc, Cap ‘n Jazz, American Football) and several are with Ryan Lindsey. Ryan will be playing his solo material, but is also a member of the Starlight Mints.
In one-sided LP news, Steven R. Smith has submitted the audio for his release and we’ll be working on the artwork and release plans soon. By the way, Steven has out an album under his own name called Owl and an album out under the name Ulaan Kohl called I which is the first in a trilogy of releases for Soft Abuse. I’ve added a few of his releases to the online store. He’s also the mastermind behind Hala Strana.
Tracks are slowly being completed for Bosque Brown’s Baby. More information about that release when it’s ready.
Artwork is done for Soporus’ 24,110 and the audio has been mastered. We’re working on the final release date.
We’re also moving closer to a vinyl version of Foxhole’s We the Wintering Tree 2xLP which will feature alternate artwork in a silk-screened gatefold jacket with an etching and a bonus track. Foxhole’s We the Wintering Tree cds are officially available in stores today.
Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future inserts have been printed and vinyl for the last three 7″ is expected momentarily. There was some sort of order confusion at the pressing plant and these were somehow postponed. The remaining 4th 7″ was delivered in January. The final shipment will happen this month and contain two inserts and the last 4 7″.
It’s super busy around btv headquarters, if you haven’t noticed, sorry for the delay in updates.

A special thanks to Andy at Vinyl Films. I just received an incredible looking set of records. The first was one I never thought I’d see, the vinyl version of the complete Cat Stevens’ Harold and Maude soundtrack. Definitely a super-deluxe packaging with a 7″ of special promo spots, a snippet of actual film, and a deluxe booklet chronicling the making of the film. This thing is just amazingly beautiful and one of my favorite movies of all time. Vinyl Films have also released the deluxe LP version of the Eddie Vedder composed Into the Wild soundtrack. If you see these for sale, don’t think twice about buying them. Hopefully I’ll have them for sale from the site soon.
Bosque Brown mixing continues and is hopefully wrapping up soon. It’s sounding good so far…

We’ll have a new Yndi Halda t-shirt available in the online store a little later today. We should have them in time for holiday orders in a wide range of sizes.
If you’re in the Philadelphia area, Unwed Sailor will be here on Thursday night, 6 December at the Khyber. This Will Destroy You is with them. They’re also in Wilkes-Barre on Friday, 7 December and New York City on 8 December. I’ll be at their show in Raleigh on 10 December, too.
We’re wrapping up the final details for Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars. Everything is on track for the 18 March 2008 release date. We now have a final master for the cd and will be cutting LPs very shortly. It’s sounding great.
Bosque Brown have been working hard with Chris Flemmons to finish their record.
Artwork for the upcoming Soporus album 24,110 is happening this week. We’re working on some interesting package for this one, too. We’ll see how it all pans out.